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Miami University(Ivy League college) Offers the Maximum Scholarship to Zhu Yinan

author:source:Time:2019-11-25 11:01:36

My college life:


I always want to summarize my two years’ college life, but I never find time to do it. After receiving the offer and passing the interview, I can finally sit down and think about what I have done and what I have gained.

In September 2014, I came to Wenzhou with longing and uneasiness. In my freshman year, I joined in Students' Association Union. I spent less than half year in the union. I learnt from the experience that I must be humble to everyone or anything. Those days are the most decadent days in my college life. I was always lying on the bed and didn’t know where to go. I lived the life without purposes, just like a ship without a compass needle. That confusing period didn’t end until an idea came to my mind, that is, studying abroad. Then I got to know that the college  had international classes, so I joined in one of them. I realized that I had a lot to do. But my grades were low in the class. So, in the next year, I memorized the English words for an hour and a half every morning as the sun rose. Unexpectedly, the accumulation of vocabulary helped me pass IELTS a lot. I got 6.5 in the exam, which was not bad to me. But at the same time, I had been mourning that if I tried hard to review at the beginning, I would have got a higher score. However, there was no “if”in life. In my opinion, the key is the persistent accumulation. I prefer to learn efficiently. I reflected how to improve my learning methods to be more efficient every day and would make some changes the next day. As the old saying goes, grinding a chopper will not hold up the work of cutting firewood, you have to make every effort to the best. Finally, I got the highest GPA in my major in the first 2 years of my college life . It has been always a wonderful thing to have a dream and fight for it.



Studying in the US and getting a visa:


When I firstly saw Miami University, I was deeply attracted, not only because of the special American style, but also the strong academic atmosphere. After learning that it had established a cooperative relationship with our college, I was happy to apply for it without hesitation. Unexpectedly, I was accepted and received a maximum scholarship of $ 5,000. School of International Studies built a bridge between me and Miami University, and it was the most important turning point of my college life. It is known to all that the visa for studying in the United States is very difficult and elusive. It all depended on the subjective opinion of the visa officer. After repeated simulation exercises organized by the teachers and preparation of complex visa materials, I passed the interview at once and got the visa. 





 While studying at WZBC, I met a lot of people who I would be grateful for. They directed me when I was depressed, comforted me when I was down, and woke me up when I was arrogant. Finally, I would like to express my sincere thanks the leaders and teachers of WZBC, especially the teachers of School of International Studies and School of Management who did a lot of help to me. Without their help, changes and opportunities would not come to me. As for whether I can seize the opportunity, I have just taken the first step and there is still a long way to go. As the famous saying goes, I have walked for a long way to come to you.



My personal IELTS learning experience:

1. Persist in memorizing 200 words every day.

2. Thinking in English. Take notes in English in class.

3. Practice English Listening carefully and write down every word you hear. Listen to a text and repeat it by yourself.

4. Download Shanbay News App and look through English news. It’s a useful way to improve reading.

5. When watching American TV, follow the subtitles. It can help improve your oral English.

6. Improve efficiency while studying. Turn on mobile phones in airplane mode.