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The Warm Service on Campus Has Gained Coverage by Over 50 Media and Millions of Viewers

author:By Zhu Yongshuang, Hu Jinlin Translated by Zheng Ysource:From Department of Party AffairsTime:2020-04-28 10:50:00


A report from the Xinhua News Agency entitled Colleges and Universities Welcome Their Students with Warm Quilts says on April 25th, that on April 16th, the Department of Student Affairs and Logistics Services in Wenzhou Business College are providing the students from Wenbo, Shuixin and Dehan communities with warm services including cleaning, sterilizing and quilt-airing. It is reported that 8000 students have reserved for this service online in 3 hours right after the application link was posted. Counselors take pictures of the aired quilts and check with the students online so that they won’t get their quilts crossed.


Within a day, the news has been forwarded by more than 50 media all over the country including People’s Daily Online, Guangming Online, China News Service, Headline, Sina, Tencent, Sohu, Fujian Daily, Jiangsu City News Online, Anhui News, Henan Headline, Guangzhou Daily, Xining Evening News and Maoming Evening News. The report covered by the Xinhua News Agency has been viewed by over one million visitors, while the coverage has gained attention of ten million viewers nationwide.