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The Academic Monographs of Two Professors in WZBC Have Been Selected into the Recommended Academic Works to Be Translated out of Chinese of NSSFC

author:朱永雙Qian Dong & Junhong Chensource:黨政事務Time:2020-09-22 11:10:00

Recently, the National Office for Philosophy and Social Sciences issued an announcement on the application for the Project of Academic Works to be Translated out of Chinese sponsored by National Social Science Fund of China (NSSFC) in 2020. Two academic monographs of two professors in our college have been recommended by the Office. One is Inflation Mechanism and Expectations, written by Professor Laya, Li from School of Finance and Trade. The other is Geography of Media, written by Professor Peiren, Shao from School of Media and Art Design.


The Project of Academic Works to be Translated out of Chinese primarily funds excellent academic works that can represent the high level and the forefront of Chinese academic research as well as the quintessence of Chinese culture. These approved works have been or will be published in foreign languages by overseas authoritative publishing institutions. And these works published in foreign languages are circulated and distributed in the mainstream channels abroad. The project features multiple goals that are about to highlight the demonstration and guidance of NSSFC, to promote academic exchanges and dialogues between China and foreign countries, to further expand the international influence of Chinese academic research and to win the academic discourse right worldwide. In this way shall the world have a deep insight into “China that upholds philosophy and social sciences”. In 2020, there are 197 works recommended to Academic Works to Be Translated out of Chinese of NSSFC, two of which are from the professors in our college.


Inflation Mechanism and Expectations serves as a reflection of China’s experiences, models and theories in controlling inflation successfully. Based on the research on the concept of Incomplete Information and the theory of Bounded Rationality, Professor Li proposed Viscous Expectation Theory by utilizing local information to replace global information, previous information to replace present information, and non-identity expectation to replace identity expectation. The proposal of Viscous Expectation Theory is about 10 years ahead of the similar theoretical frameworks proposed by European and American economists. The Advanced Report on Humanities and Social Sciences in China (1999), published by CASS (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) pointed out that “In 1991, Laya, Li published Inflation Mechanism and Expectations, which marks that the research of expectation theory in China has entered into a new phase”. Professor Li is now the director of Wenzhou Research Base of the National Institution for Finance and Development, the distinguished professor in WZBC and the doctoral tutor of Huaqiao University.


Geography of Media is an academic monograph that comprehensively and systematically discusses the thought of media geography and that strives to establish a system. Implementing the principles and approaches of media geography, inheriting the thought of “The universe and human beings are unified and the human body functions in the same way with the universe” in traditional Chinese culture and adhering to the research principle of mutual interaction, harmony and balance, coexistence and common prosperity of “media, human, and the universe”, Professor Shao put forward a series of innovative standpoints and unique theoretical perspectives for the purpose of scientifically learning, understanding, researching and practicing media geography with the analysis on and testament to the research objects, systems and fields and with in-depth discussions about such predominant concepts of media geography as space, time, location, landscape and scale. Professor Shao is now the executive dean of the School of Media and Art Design in WZBC.