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Students From Major Of Arts And Crafts Won The Championship Of "Mayor Cup" China (Wenzhou) Industrial Design Competition In 2020

author:Media And Art Design Departmentsource:Media and Art Design DepartmentTime:2020-11-24 16:50:00

On November 13, the final evaluation of "Mayor Cup" China (Wenzhou) Industrial Design Competition in 2020 was held in Wenzhou Arts and Crafts Master Building. On site, a review team composed of five experts, including professors from well-known domestic universities and masters of Chinese arts and crafts reviewed and scored the works strictly that enter the semi-finals, and decided 1 gold medal work, 3 silver medal works, 6 bronze medal works and 20 finalists. The students guided by Mr. Ye Xiaopeng, majoring in Arts and Crafts of School of Media and Art Design, won the championship of this special competition. Meanwhile, our school's entries have won 3 bronze awards and multiple finalist awards.


It is reported that the "Mayor Cup" China (Wenzhou) Industrial Design Competition is hosted by Wenzhou Government and China Industrial Design Association. The bonus of the annual competition is one million RMB. In recent years, the Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have attached great importance to promoting the development of industrial design, and held three consecutive "Mayor Cup" China Industrial Design Competitions, which have caught great attention in the industrial design industry. The "Fashion Art Specialty Competition" is one of the two special events of "Mayor Cup" China (Wenzhou) Industrial Design Competition in 2020. The theme of this year’s competition is "Inheritance, Integration and Innovation", which aims to inherit and promote excellent traditional culture, incorporate Wenzhou's characteristic cultural elements into fashionable craft products and cultural and creative design, promote the cultural and creative industry to become an important industry that demonstrates the competitiveness of Wenzhou city, and create a golden sign of "Cultural Wenzhou".


Under the guidance of professional teachers, such as Zhang Hongji and Ye Xiaopeng, the major of Arts and Crafts has actively created its way of professional development, specialized in fashion and art design, explored the integration and development of industrial product design, and has been focusing on the innovation and design of cultural and creative products, animation figures, fashion jewelry and mural soft decorations. It brings new life to traditional handicrafts and embarks on a unique professional development path in line with modern fashion trend. Our graduates have become the backbone of the arts and crafts industry. The award of this competition is the full affirmation of the characteristics and talent training mode of our school's arts and crafts major from all sectors of society.