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The 16th association culture festival of Wenzhou business school opened

author:Wangjisource:Time:2021-05-24 08:50:00

In order to create a good campus community culture atmosphere, the 16th community culture festival of Wenzhou business school was opened on May 19.


At the opening ceremony, many student associations showed their youth style, with rich and varied performances. The ancient Chinese costume show, the melodious songs and the hip-hop dance show the youth style of Wenzhou business school students and the good spiritual outlook and cultural heritage of student associations. The folk dance "the land of Rites" and the rap song "breakthrough" written by the students in our school all tell the rich cultural stories of the Chinese nation in different ways and present a gift to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party. The wonderful performance drew cheers and applause from the audience.


In the garden party of the club culture festival, more than 60 student associations have carried out various activities in combination with their own characteristics, and the garden party is full of joy. With interesting interactive games and various exquisite prizes, students can feel the charm of different community culture and experience the colorful artistic features in a relaxed and happy mood. Some students frown tightly, hold their breath and focus on building a "house of cards"; Some students showed their skills in the pitching game and passed the test in one fell swoop, which attracted many onlookers; The activities are lively and colorful. You can also get exquisite gifts through various interesting games.

It is understood that during the association culture festival, a variety of association activities, exchanges and sharing between associations and League building activities will continue to be carried out, which not only shows the different styles and characteristics of each student association, enlivens the campus culture, enriches the campus life of students, but also encourages young students to remember the mission of youth and compose the chapter of youth.