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Zheng Zhihong,WZBC alumnus showed up on the stage of the Voice of China in 2021

author:News Center translator: Wang Tianzhensource:Department of Party AffairsTime:2021-08-16 09:30:00

Recently, in the third episode of “The Voice of China”, the 2016 alumnus of WZBC Zheng Zhihong won the favor of tutors Li Keqin and Wu Mochou with a tear-jerking love song “Nobody Knows” and they turned around for him.


During the show, Zheng Zhihong was very engaged in singing, with delicate singing voice and sincere emotions. When recording the show, he revealed that he is 25 years old this year and his ancestral home is Lishui, Zhejiang. After returning to China in 2013, he has been working hard to learn Chinese.


It is reported that Zheng Zhihong has won the championship of Top Ten Singers in WZBC, the National Top 100 Happy Boys, and the champion of Shanghai Division of the competition China New Singing. After graduating, he returned to WZBC many times to share his musical experience with schoolmates, and to make a voice for our college.

WZBC has always attached great importance to the comprehensive development of students’ morality, intelligence, physical education, and art. In recent years, the school art troupe has won numerous awards in competitions at all levels. Among them, Wu Yihao, the champion of the National Cheerleading Classic, participated in the 2019 CCTV Spring Festival Gala rehearsal.