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Students Have Achieved Great Results in the Zhejiang Province Translation Contest

author:Jin Lixi translator: Wang Tianzhensource:International SchoolTime:2021-06-09 09:55:00

Recently, the winners of the 6th “LSCAT Cup” Zhejiang Province Translation Contest were announced. After fierce competition, the students of our school lived up to the expectations and achieved excellent results again in the English-Chinese and Chinese-English translation competitions. Among them, 2 won the special prize, 27 won the first prize, 77 won the second prize, and 188 won the third prize. The number of first prize winners for English-Chinese translation has increased by 3 times, the number of second prizes has increased by 4 times, and the number of third prizes has increased by nearly 5 times. In addition, our school students have won awards in the Japanese-Chinese, Chinese-Japanese, and German-Chinese competitions.


The “LSCAT Cup” Zhejiang Province Translation Contest is jointly organized by the China Translators Association and Zhejiang Translators Association. Its purpose is to respond to the national “One Belt One Road” initiative, promote the construction of translation disciplines and the prosperity and development of the language service industry, and cultivate high-quality language service talents, enhance the ability of foreign language discourse in China in the new era, and improve the construction of language service talent pool. The competition has developed into the largest and highest level translation competition in Zhejiang Province. In addition to the previous four groups of “Undergraduate Group English-Chinese Translation”, “ Undergraduate Group Chinese-English Translation”, “Junior College Student Group English-Chinese Translation” and “Junior College Student Group Chinese-English Translation Group”, there are six more groups, including “French to Chinese”, “Chinese to French”, “German to Chinese”, “Chinese to German”, “Japanese to Chinese” and “Chinese to Japanese” in Japanese, Frence, German the three languages, totaling 10 groups.