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The School Art Troupe Won The First Prize in the 2021 Zhejiang University Students’ Art Festival

author:Liu Qiansource:Time:2021-11-12 09:10:00

On November 11, the winners list of Zhejiang University Students’ Art Festival in 2021 were released. The choral works “My Love” and “Bright Smile” selected by the Youth League Committee of WZBC won the first prize of group A at the provincial level.


Since the beginning of organizing students to participate in the competition in May this year, the school authority has attached great importance to it, and the leaders and heads of relevant functional departments have visited and encouraged the teachers and students involoved in the competition on site many times. Under the guidance of Lv Yaodong, Ye Qianqian and Li Ganpei, the Art Choir overcame many difficulties during this covid-19 epidemic period, training hard and actively in their after-class time, on weekends and in summer vacation. They kept polishing the entries all the time with a high sense of responsibility and full enthusiasm, and finally made a historic breakthrough on behalf of the school in the art exhibition of college students in Zhejiang Province.


“I have been interested in music since I was a child and have studied playing the piano for more than ten years. Although I’m not an art student, I’ve always cherished my dream for music. The first prize of the provincial competition we’ve won in this grand art exhibition is truly inspring and movitating for us who never stop pursuing music dreams. In WZBC, every dream shall be lived up to.” Zhang Chi said, a member of the Chorus and junior of the Management Department, who was extremely excited after hearing the good news.


In recent years, based on educating people with aesthetics and nurturing with culture, our school constantly promotes the development of various aesthetic education work. The school will take the Art Festival as an opportunity to continuously promote the reform of aesthetic education,  fully developing campus culture, striving to improve the effectiveness of cultural education, and promoting the all-round development of students’ morality, intelligence, physique, aesthetics and labour education.


 It is reported that Zhejiang University Students’ Art Festival is the art event with the highest level, the largest scale and the widest influence among university students in our province. It is an important window for the display of the achievements of art education in colleges and universities in our province, as well as an important platform for displaying the noble sentiments, outstanding talents and comprehensive quality of contemporary college students. Co-sponsored by the Provincial Department of Education, the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, the Provincial Youth League Committee, the Provincial Department of Finance and Zhejiang Radio and Television Troup, the 2021 Zhejiang University Students’ Art Festival focused on the theme of “National Soul · Chinese Dream”. A total of 98 colleges and universities across the province participated in the competition, with 556 selected programs and 164 finalists for live performance, including 60 vocal programs.