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WZBC’s Baseball and Softball Team won the 2021 Championship of “Panda Cup” China Slow Pitch Softball Enterprise League

author:Author: Department of Basic Teaching Translator:source:Time:2020-10-20 09:20:00

On October 16th, the 2021 “Panda Cup” China Slow Pitch Softball Enterprise League kicked off at Guali Baseball and Softball Stadium in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou. A total of 9 teams participated in this competition and were divided into three groups. After a day of fierce competition, the City Lights team of WZBC won the championship of the league.


On the day of the competition, it was suddenly hit by wind and rain, but the participants were still enthusiastic. In the first game against Hangzhou Kylin Baseball and Softball Club, although the two sides were almost on a level, our team won after a tough struggle. Next, they fighted against Junfan Technology and other teams and finally qualified for the group championship with three wins in the four matches.

In the championship game, our team fought fiercely with the Ningbo Institute of Technology team. At the beginning of the game, as the attacking team, our team hit the ball again and again, and shocked the opponent. Afterwards, our team strictly guarded the position as the defender, and passed and received the ball neatly and promptly, so that the opponent could not find loopholes. With the increasing rain and the cold wind, the players on the field were soaked all over. Our team finally won the championship with a 3:2 victory over the opponents.


Long Jun, the team leader of WZBC’s Baseball and Softball Team, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Basic Teaching Department and Director of the Sports Health Teaching and Research Office, introduced that the team started training three months ago for this competition. There is so much sweat behind the honor.

Slow pitching softball is a characteristic project of our school and is included in the public elective course of characteristic sports. At the beginning of 2014, WZBC established the Light Baseball Club, and a team was established the following year. Bian Xiaoguang, a former member of the Guangdong baseball team, was invited to serve as the coach. At present, there are about 20 official team members, who carry out regular training three times a week and a week-long training camp during winter and summer vacations.


As one of the few college baseball and softball teams in Zhejiang, our team has participated in municipal, provincial and even national competitions many times. In September 2015, as the only slow-pitch softball team in Zhejiang, they went to Kunshan Jiangsu and participated in the national slow-pitch softball healthy win finals. In May 2016, they also took the lead in holding the slow pitch softball exchange competition among Wenzhou, Taiwan and Ningbo.

It is reported that the Baseball and Softball Team has become a “golden name card” in foreign exchanges. When the former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and the actor of the TV series “Three Families in Wenzhou” came to visit our school, they all praised the team and took pictures with the team members. Many players who have graduated have also become baseball and softball coaches after obtaining coaching qualifications.


 Slow pitch softball is an emerging leisure sport derived from baseball and softball. It integrates wisdom and bravery, fun and cooperation. It not only involves individual wisdom and talent, but also the integration of strategies and tactics. It requires collectiveness and confrontation, thus it is known as the “combination of athletics and wisdom”.