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59 “Small Organge” Volunteers of 2021 World Young Scientist Summit are from WZBC

author:News Center Translator: Wang Tianzhensource:Time:2021-11-16 09:25:00

 2021 World Young Scientist Summit recently came to an end in Wenzhou. There were such figures inside and outside the venue: they walked leisurely, shuttled busily, and provided timely, thoughtful and caring volunteer services. This is the 486 Wenzhou young volunteers named after “Small Orange”, of which 59 are from Wenzhou Business College. They are engaged in bilingual translation, media assistance, guest interviews, reception services, venue layout, photography and other work.


Xu Wen, a student of School of International Studies, is a bilingual volunteer for the media. This is the second time he has participated in the volunteer service work of Young Scientist Summit. He is mainly responsible for the service work of the interview room and the foreign guest lounge. He tries his best to ensure the success of the interview; answers questions raised by foreign guests and provides services such as offering materials and giving directions.


In order to ensure the smooth development of the Young Scientist Summit, entrusted by the Youth League Committee to complete the recruitment of volunteers before October 9, WZBC selected 59 outstanding candidates from over 500 applicants and divided them into ordinary groups and bilingual groups. The volunteers got online and offline training for nearly a month, including summit overview, volunteer image and etiquette, summit epidemic prevention and control, foreign affairs etiquette and common volunteer service English, volunteer service essentials for large-scale conferences, etc.


During the Young Scientist Summit, these volunteers provided the most meticulous and thoughtful services, strengthening relationship between guests from all over the world and Wenzhou, showing the elegance and generosity of Chinese youth. They have become a beautiful landscape of Wenzhou. Xu Wen said that he was fortunate to experience the academic discussion atmosphere of the world’s top scientists at close range. Although the process was hard, he cherished it. What inspired him most was the gratitude he received every time he provided help.

Jiang Xueqing, a freshman from the School of Media and Art Design participated in the volunteer service work of the summit for the first time, mainly providing volunteer services for the on-site media reporters. She said that this experience was unforgettable, because her work not only represented her personal image, but also the image of the school, the city, and even the country.


It’s the third time for Jiang Huanyang, a student from School of International Studies to participate in the volunteer service. She helped a foreign participant successfully find the lost luggage and was highly praised. “The first time I participated in the Young Scientist Summit in 2019, I was quite curious about the job. And this time I am very grateful for being a volunteer again. I’m filled with a sense of mission and responsibility, and I endeavor to internalize the enthusiastic and positive qualities of volunteers.”

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Once a volunteer, a lifetime of volunteering. The volunteers conveyed the city’s image with the most beautiful smiles, and served the guests from all over the world with full service enthusiasm and rigorous professionalism. At the same time, they also learned a lot from it and broadened their horizons.

A total of the world’s top scientists from more than 50 countries, regions and international organizations, 118 domestic and foreign academicians, and more than 1,000 representatives of young scientists participated in this Young Scientist Summit, focusing on climate change, life and health, digital economy, intelligent computing, and future technologies. They conducted in-depth discussions on cutting-edge scientific fields such as carbon neutrality and new materials. The Young Scientist Summit has injected the accumulated scientific and technological power for Wenzhou to continue to write the history of innovation on the new journey, taking the road of common prosperity, and achieving high-quality leap-forward development.


It is reported that “Small Orange” is the nickname of young volunteers in Wenzhou. Wenzhou’s specialty fruit “Ou Gan” has the vivid color of vibrant warm orange, the unique taste of bitterness and sweetness, and the ecological shape of one fruit with multiple segments. It represents the warm, hard-working and united quality of Wenzhou young volunteers. It also contains the spirit of Wenzhou people in the new era of “pursuing excellence, keeping uprightness and innovation, promoting creativity and tolerance, and striving for progress”.

In recent years, “Small Orange” has showed up in various large-scale events such as the World Young Scientist Summit, the World Wenzhouness, and the Wenzhou Marathon, and has been widely praised for its high-quality volunteer services.