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Professor Wu Yao from the School of Media and Art Design Won the “Guanghua Longteng Top Ten Award”

author:School of Media and Art Design? Translatorsource:Time:2021-11-30 14:55:00

Recently, the list of the 17th Guanghua Longteng Award · the Top Ten Outstanding Youth in the Design Industry of Zhejiang Province in 2021 was announced. Professor Wu Yao from the School of Media and Art Design of WZBC was among them. It is reported that this is the first time that talents in our city have won the honor since the establishment of Guanghua Longteng award 16 years ago.


Guanghua Longteng Award was set up in 2005 with the support of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, which aims to “promote the growth of design talents and the development of design industry”. In 2011, it was further approved by the National Office for Science & Technology Awards officially as a National Award (National Award for Science and Technology Progress Certificate No. 0223), which has been successfully held for 16 times. The prize is awarded to talents from more than 20 industries, including architectural design, industrial design, product design, information interaction design, visual communication, digital media, costume design and fashion design. Guanghua Longteng Award has witnessed the rapid development of Chinese design industry, and with the support from a large number of fellow colleagues involved in the design industry, it encouraged more young people to bravely move forward despite difficulties.

Professor Wu Yao is currently the executive dean of the School of Media and Art Design of WZBC, and is also in charge of the first-class undergraduate major construction site of product design in Zhejiang Province. With his professional golden card as “senior member of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society”, “member of industrial design branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society”, “director of Culture Industry Alliance of colleges and universities across the Taiwan Strait”, Professor Wu Yao is not only an expert in the field of innovative design in our province, but also serves as the reviewer of “Italian Design Award & competition” and “UXPA International User Experience Design Competition”.          

As one of the first certified senior industrial designers in Wenzhou, Wu Yao carried out industrial design consulting services with other experts in the earlier time. He has been engaged in design work for nearly 20 years, served many large and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises and underdeveloped areas, which brought considerable benefits to those enterprises, injected new impetus into rural construction, and gained a good reputation in the design industry.

It is known that Professor Wu Yao’s projects have been highly praised by customers at home and abroad, such as “Level”, “Protractor”, “Teahouse of Chinese Story”, “Portable Fan” and “Intelligent Robot Pioneer for Run-Once-at-Most Reform”. He has organized his team to participate in more than 10 important design competitions and won many national and international prizes, such as the Reddot award (Best of the Winner), European Product Design Award, International Design Excellence Awards and the Red Star Award. He has Presided over 5 provincial and ministerial projects including the National Endowment for the Arts, obtained 5 Japanese and Chinese invention patents, and won the third prize of the 16th and 17th Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Awards of Wenzhou twice, with two relevant consultation reports approved by the main leaders of provinces and cities. He was given the first prize of Teaching Achievement Award of WZBC in 2020 and selected as “Special Mentions Young Talents” in the 50th anniversary of the German Bolang Design Award in 2018.

In recent years, Professor Wu Yao has been actively engaged in helping and supporting the week and disadvantaged design enterprises to effectively promote the development of industrial design in Wenzhou. He has made outstanding contributions in many aspects, such as enhancing the reform of “Running Once at Most” services in Zhejiang Province, promoting the implementation of the “Mayor’s Cup” industrial design competition in Wenzhou, as well as the first-class product design major construction and talent training in Wenzhou.