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A Demonstration of “Split Class” Teaching

author:Teacher Development Center Translator: Wasource:Time:2022-03-16 15:10:00

On March 14, in order to further promote the reform of teaching and further improve the teaching ability and professional level of teachers, the Teacher Development Center of WZBC organized a demonstration class for teachers .


The demonstration class is about “A Framework Analysis of the Phenomenon of Anti-Globalization and Its Causes ” and the lecturer is Professor Qian Chong of the School of Finance and Trade. There are two parts of the class: teaching observation in the classroom and post-class evaluation. Combining with the teaching model of “Split Class” proposed by Professor Zhang Xuexin of Fudan University, Qian Chong devoted part of the class time to teaching and part of the time for students to conduct interactive learning in the form of discussion, which fully reflects the “student-centered” approach. It is committed to creating an efficient classroom, focusing on cultivating students’ self-learning and independent thinking ability.


In the evaluation session, the teachers present discussed the design of PPT, the setting of group discussion sessions, and how to skillfully integrate the ideological and political elements of the curriculum and so on. They believed this demonstration class fully demonstrated the charm of the “Split Class”---the smooth connection between the lecture and classroom activities, the natural integration of ideological and political education, and the frequent interaction between teachers and students, all of which played a good role in demonstration.