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In the “Principal’s Luncheon”, Teachers and Students Discussed together to Solve “the Troubles around us”

author:Lou Yinwan, Pan Hongxisource:Time:2022-04-04 16:20:00

Teachers and students met face to face to discuss school management and services. On April 1, WZBC’s “Principal’s Luncheon” was held in the Third Cafeterias as scheduled. Assistant Principal Hu Jiang, together with the heads of the Party and Mass Work Department, Academic Affairs Department, Student Affairs Department, Logistics Service Department and Information Service Center , chatted with more than 10 student representatives, and discussed deeply how to further promote the high-quality development of the school .


During the luncheon there was constant laughter and a warm atmosphere. Student representatives from different grades and majors put forward some difficulties and troubles encountered in school study and life, and gave suggestions on how to better improve school logistics services, campus information services, infrastructure construction, etc. The school leaders listened carefully and answered every question.


“Can the opening hours of the school library be extended?” “When will the campus epidemic prevention and control be lifted?” “Can the campus network speed be further improved?” “Can the dormitory building be equipped with water dispensers?” Students present raised many issues of concern, and suggested that the school hold more recreational and sports activities and exhibitions to enrich the campus life during the epidemic prevention and control period.


Heads of relevant departments patiently answered students’ questions and promised to study and propose solutions as soon as possible if the problems put forward could not be handled on site. Hu Jiang said that the school would carry out the activity of “Doing 10 Good Things for Teachers and Students in 2022” in the near future, and would gradually solve the problems based on the demands of the students.

Recently, the domestic epidemic has been spread in many places. The school will strictly follow the requirements of the superiors and implement epidemic prevention and control policies such as “do not leave school and Wenzhou if not necessary” . Meanwhile WZBC will set up a school psychological service team and students can directly consult or make an appointment online to visit “Sunshine Mind Workshop” and relieve the pressure caused by epidemic prevention and control. The student union will carry out a series of recreational and sports activities in the near future and welcome everyone’s active participation.


Student representatives also put forward opinions and suggestions on some deficiencies in party membership, volunteer service, and campus civilization. Hu Jiang highly appreciated the student representatives’ participation in the democratic management of the school with the spirit of ownership. He hoped that everyone will pay more attention to self-management, self-service, and self-education, integrate self-development into the overall development of the school, and convey the “voice” of the school to those around them timely. Let’s work together to build a civilized campus and seek the healthy development of WZBC.