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“Water” Matches around 100 Higher Institutions Globally with Enterprises

author:source:Time:2022-05-09 14:40:00

Recently, “Lishui Shanquan” Brand Communication Creative Design Competition held for universities around the world has come to an end. In more than 3 months, over 1,200 entries from around 100 universities were collected. After the preliminary assessment, final evaluation and internet voting, over 60 entries were awarded with various prizes, including the Grand Prize, Network Communication Special Award, Gold, Silver and Bronze Award and Excellent Work Award, with a total reward of 100,000 yuan.


Focused on the “Lishui Mountain Spring” brand and based on the theme of “Beautiful Water in the World, Lishui Mountain Spring”, the competition collected slogans, poster designs, product designs and short videos. Outstanding winners will be provided with the opportunity of onboarding training from the sponsors (state-owned enterprise), and the grand prize works will be eligible for nominations to apply for International Famous Design Awards.

The competition has received tremendous responses since its launch in early November 2021. A large number of universities, including Communication University of China, Malaysia Science University, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Hainan Normal University, Xinjiang University, City University of Macau, Shenyang Jianzhu University, have participated in the competition.

According to the organizer, this competition aims to build a creative design platform, to explore new design concepts, and to attract outstanding creative talents through the school-enterprise cooperation model. It is worth mentioning that excellent design works will realize the transformation from creative ideas to real commodities through the “Lishui Shanquan” brand, and achieve a perfect combination of college creativity and social production.

It is reported that “Lishui Mountain Spring”, developed by Lishui City Investment Company, is the first high-end drinking water launched last year. It takes water from natural springs far away from human pollution. Lishui has been implementing the concept of “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets” in its construction of the country’s first pilot city for the realization of ecological product value and has gained some major achievements. Since its launch, “Lishui Shanquan” has received a warm response from the market. It also received attention from mainstream media such as “People’s Daily”, “Learning to Strengthen the Country” platform, and “Zhejiang Daily”, and was highly affirmed by the leaders of the central government and Zhejiang province.

The competition was sponsored by the Industrial Design Branch of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, Innovation Design Alliance of Maritime Silk Road, Lishui City Investment Corporation, and jointly organized by Wan Wu Sheng Zhang Water Industry Co., Ltd, School of Media and Design Arts of Wenzhou Business College and Ouhai Research Institute of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University. A total of 22 works by teachers and students of our school won awards.

                                                               (Translator: Chen Hudan)