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WZBC Teacher Won the First Prize in Teaching Innovation Competition of Zhejiang Province

author:source:Time:2022-05-11 14:40:00

In the final of the “Ideological and Political Education in Courses” Micro Lesson Competition of the 2nd Zhejiang Teaching Innovation Competition for College Teachers, Advanced Mathematics I taught by our teacher Pan jiandan (team) won the first prize (first place in the department of Science and Engineering).


Since the beginning of the competition, our college has attached great importance to it. A school level competition was organized for participating teams, experts inside and outside the school were invited to guide and polish the entries, and multiple professional forces were brought together to improve the teaching quality of the works. Through this competition, our college will further promote the excellent experience of the project construction of ideological and political education in courses, and push ahead the ideological and political education more profoundly and practically, so as to improve both the quality of the curriculum and the effect of educating people.

This special competition is guided by the Department of Education of Zhejiang Province and held by the Zhejiang Higher Education Association. It aims to improve teaching quality and reforms through competition, to further achieve the goal of fostering student with virtues, and to accelerate the construction of ideological and political education in courses. The competition is divided into two groups: science and engineering department and liberal arts department. The Organizing Committee received a total of 205 entries. After experts’ evaluation, first, second and third prizes were awarded. Another 3 teachers (teams) from our school won the award.

                                                               (Translator: Chen Hudan )