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The Co-Adviser Appointment Ceremony Was Held by the Entrepreneurship Management Experimental Class of 2021 in

author:Jiang Xueqinsource:Time:2022-05-20 10:30:00

On the afternoon of May 18, the Co-Adviser Appointment Ceremony was held by the entrepreneurship management experimental class of 2021 in our school, where Assistant President Hu Jiang attended. There will be two supervisors in and off campus paired with four students, which means that the talent training program of the experimental class began to enter the project stage.


Half of the 12 advisers appointed are from the practical sector, including entrepreneurs, investors and managers. Among them, Zheng Guochao, who has been rated as “2020 Chinese Economic Person of the Year” by China Economic Development Summit Forum, is the CEO of Zhejiang Abllab Technology Co., Ltd. and an engineer as well. He will work with the in-campus adviser to guide four students to carry out the preparation and implementation of entrepreneurial projects.


Mr Hu Jiang expressed his heartfelt thanks to the off-campus advisers who were invited to co-educate talents. He said that constructing the entrepreneurship management experimental class was an important measure for us to build an entrepreneurial university. Through the paired training of co-advisers, it could better enhance the combination of theory and practice for the students. Mr Hu hoped that all supervisors would focus more on practical teaching, strive to improve students’ entrepreneurial ability and help solve entrepreneurial problems.


Cao Xingyu, the leader of the entrepreneurship management experimental class, said in his speech that the experimental class has gathered high-quality resources inside and outside the school. He felt honored to be a member of the class, and would work with his classmates to carry forward the entrepreneurial spirit of WZBC and make plans for more entrepreneurial projects to live up to the expectations of parents, schools and the society.

After the appointment ceremony, 12 advisers and 23 students held the first entrepreneurship salon. Sun Guoyong, chairman of Digitalman (DGM) Technology Co., Ltd., shared his entrepreneurial experience and insights in his speech on “How to Develop from a Pioneer to an Entrepreneur”.


It is reported that since the opening of the experimental class last semester, the experimental class has implemented the talent training program for entrepreneurship management majors and adhered to the circular teaching tactic with the combination of theory and practice, which is extensively welcomed by students. It focuses on training those ambitious entrepreneurs with international vision, family business successors and professional managers in the digital economy era. The experimental class will officially recruit students in the coming September.

                                                          (Translator: ZhengYang