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The Second Campus Talent Show of WZBC Came to an End

author:Jiang Xueqingsource:Time:2022-04-26 10:40:00

On the evening of April 23, the finals of the Second Campus Talent Show of WZBC-- “Dare to Show, the Talent Is You” was staged in the lecture hall of Building 1. The sketch My Father, the dance Beauty and the band The Beauty of Spring Scenery won the champion, runner up and third place respectively. The song The Light won the best Popularity Award through online voting, and Shen Qibo won the Dunk Expert Award. Hu Jiang, Assistant Principal, watched the live finals and presented awards to the winners.


There were 16 programs totally in the finals that night selected through the early competitions. In addition to the traditional singing and dancing shows, there also emerged a variety of performance programs this year, such as drama, sketch, diabolo, crosstalk, band, etc., fully displaying the versatility of our students.


Zhang Chenjie and Ye Haili brought the classic clapper talk track Tongrentang. The partners, with their contrastive body figures and amusing performances, make people break into a lot of belly laugh, while the tongue twister A White Bearded Old Man gets even more acclaims from audiences.


The art form of Diabolo evolves from the early folk game tool “gyro” used among Han people. The wonderful performance of Diabolo National Style won bursts of applause from the audience. Yu Jingqi, the team leader, proposed to establish a school level characteristic society on the spot, which got the recognition by the judges and teachers.


The instrument band of our Students Art Troupe brought the folk music Power over the World. The flute sounded melodious, the zither soft, the Erhu gentle, and the Pipa crisp, which enchanted the present audience a lot. The contestants are dressed in Han costumes which integrated well with the national instruments they played. And later, with electric guitar mingling, the two sharply different tunes collided and complemented with each other, pushing the atmosphere to the climax instantly, drawing big cheers from the audience.


The sketch My Father, which was created, directed and performed by the drama team of the school’s Art Troupe, gave us a big surprise. It tells the story of those children, who are not biologically related in the family of an anti drug policeman, work hard together upon their father’s death. The impressively touching story eventually won the championship of the finals.


In the finals, Mr Hu Jiang commented that on this great occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Youth League, WZBC Talent Show well displays the good spiritual outlook of our youth and conveys our good wishes for the Centennial League celebration.We will always adhered to the principle of building the “Best Student-Oriented Universities” to make students happy, successful and brilliant.


It is reported that Talent Show this year was started on last November 21 and open to all students. It has gone through three stages: preliminary, semi-final and final, which aims to build a platform integrating morality, intelligence, sports, art and labor education, to fully display the healthy, youthful and enterprising spirit of contemporary college students, enhance the construction of campus culture and promote the all-round development of students.

                                                            (Translator: ZhengYang )