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All-English Participatory Teaching Training from School of International Studies

author:Pan Hongxisource:Time:2022-05-21 10:45:00

On the afternoon of May 20, School of International Studies organized a participatory teaching training for teachers. College leaders, including Xie Jian, Li Yiming, Tang Ruo, and Lv Wenwei attended it.


The whole class was divided into small groups, which was more convenient for teachers to be engaged in hot discussions in English. As the lecturer, also a full-time foreign teacher, Lida raised the topic of “the difference between modern courses and traditional courses”, requiring teachers in each group to communicate and discuss in three different situations of single, double and multi-person from the perspective of college students. During the lecture, Lida shared her teaching experience according to various situations.


The training got a vivid scene, and teachers were keenly aware of the learning atmosphere from the perspectives of students in the new teaching environment. Teachers believed that through this training, they would have a deeper understanding of the “student-centered” participatory teaching design, which not only built up the natural communication between teachers and students, but also helped students to better grasp and apply what they had learned.


Lv Wenwei, who is the principal assistant and dean of School of International Studies, pointed out that teaching design is the premise and foundation of teaching activities, and it provides a theoretical and practical basis for the implementation of effective classroom teaching. This training aims to help the teachers of the college to further improve the teaching ability with the goal of “group cooperative learning”. In the future, the school will invite teachers from other schools to participate in this kind of training and improve the “student-centered” participatory teaching level through interactive exchanges and discussions.

                                                            (Translator: Pengshuni )