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WZBC’s 2022 “Trinity Enrollment” Online Test was successfully completed

author:News Centersource:Time:2022-04-24 13:50:00

On the morning of April 23, WZBC’s 2022 “Trinity Enrollment” test was successfully held. In order to effectively protect the health of the candidates and staff during the epidemic prevention and control period, an online test was adopted. This year, a total of 10,868 candidates applied to our college. After the written review, 8,596 candidates were qualified for the test, and finally 7,950 participated in the online test.


Set up a special work group to ensure the smooth progress of the exam

WZBC has attached great importance to the “Trinity Enrollment” test, and set up a special group for the online enrollment test. The group collectively discussed the online testing plan, and deployed online testing related work. During the online test, our college leaders Zhou Xiangzhe, Li Yiming, Tang Ruo, Hu Jiang, Lv Wenwei and others went to each test room to guide the work.

During the test preparation stage, the leaders guided and checked the various processes and key links of the online test work many times, and checked the candidates entering the test, the debugging and test scenarios, and the live invigilation system of the invigilators. At the same time, guidance was provided on epidemic prevention and control, test question safety, test specifications and test taker services, and strict epidemic prevention measures were implemented for test venues, invigilators, and marking experts.


Standardize the exam process to ensure fairness and impartiality

Affected by the epidemic, WZBC implemented the online test for the first time this year, and adopted the “dual-camera” live invigilation mode to focus on the overall quality of students through interviews. All candidates started the test at the same time within the specified test time, completed the test video recording and submitted it to the system.

The discipline inspection department of WZBC conducted the test work in strict accordance with the requirements of the college entrance examination and supervises the whole process. The proposition work was carried out in strict accordance with the “closed entry” method of the college entrance examination proposition, and the test process adopted a “double-blind” strategy. The invigilator was responsible for reminding and supervising students when they were waiting for the test before the official answer, and dealt with the abnormal situation on the examinee’s end in real time when the students were answering questions,

In order to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the test, this online test focuses on three key links: First, we strictly verified the identity of candidates. The examination system is connected to the data of the public security system, and through the links of identity verification, living body authentication, process verification, etc., the uniqueness and consistency of the candidates’ identities was ensured. The second is to construct a reasonable test scene. Under the premise of meeting the test specifications, candidates could debug equipment, set up machines and build scenarios according to their own actual conditions. Candidates who were in isolation due to the epidemic could also complete their exams. Third, the server underwent multiple full load stress tests to ensure that the exam could run smoothly.


Optimize candidates’ services and carefully guide pre-exam simulations

Since the online examination method was adopted for the first time this year, most candidates had no relevant examination experience. In order to ensure that candidates understand the online testing process and the operation of the examination system, WZBC released relevant information announcements and precautions in advance through the admissions website, WeChat official account of the Admissions Office, and SMS platforms. .

Before the official exam, our school held 2 online mock exams on April 10 and April 15 respectively, and also provided a pre-exam practice mode. Candidates could practice by themselves as many times as possible to ensure that they are familiar with the overall exam process. .

On April 8, WZBC’s admissions office provided pre-test guidance for the first mock test through live online broadcast, and recorded a demonstration operation video for candidates to learn about problems such as the irregular layout of the test room and the non-standard placement of seats. In addition, we did our best to serve the candidates through point-to-point contacts for the students who did not take the first mock exam in time.


WZBC’s “Trinity Enrollment” test results and shortlist will be announced at the end of April. Please see the WeChat official account of the Admissions Office for details.

 ( Translator: Wang Tianzhen)