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The Successful Opening Ceremony of WZBC’s 2022 Sports Meeting

author:Student News Agencysource:Time:2022-05-19 13:55:00

On the morning of May 19, the opening ceremony of WZBC’s 2022 sports meeting (17th Track and Field Sports Meeting) was held on Dehan playground. College leaders, including Zhou Xiangzhe, Xie Jian, Li Yiming, Tang Ruo, Hu Jiang, Lv Wenwei, deans of secondary schools and heads of functional departments, attended the opening ceremony.


The opening ceremony began with the sonorous and powerful steps of the national flag guards.


Accompanied by the wonderful performances of Flowers Team, Bunting Team and Aerobics Team, the athletes, staff and judges from various schools entered the arena one after another in an orderly and vigorous manner. There were bursts of cheers and applause from the stands from time to time.


The school flag and battle flag of School of Finance and Trade fluttered around the song and dance of Together to the Future, showing the determination to win. The torch of School of Management was passed in the queue, and the wonderful dragon dance performance showed the vigor of hard work. The purple uniform of School of International Studies is distinctive with the drums resounding in the sky. The Xinghai Team from School of Media and Design Arts performed "Come on! AMIGO" hot dancing, showing a energetic and active spirit. The unique creative mobile "computer" and fan spelling performance from School of Information Engineering highlighted the unity. The last team from School of Continuing Education was unique, which brought the Dai dance South of Colorful Clouds.


At the opening ceremony, on behalf of the college, Li Yiming, who is the vice-principal, deputy secretary of the college’s Party Committee, and director of the sports meeting, extended his sincere thanks to all the staff who carefully prepared the event. He hoped that all athletes could maintain a united, friendly and progressive attitude and never give up. All judges must adhere to the people-oriented principle of “fairness, justice and openness” to fulfill their duties. The spectators must consciously obey the rules of the competitions, and provide great logistical services to ensure the safety, order, and efficiency. It would be a perfect gathering with surging youth, united hearts, and distinctive talents. Li wished this sporting meeting a complete success.


The athlete representative Wang Chenghai and the judge representative Wei Bo took oaths respectively, promising that the athletes would devote themselves to the competition with full enthusiasm, resolutely obey the command of the chief judges, and strictly abide by the principle of "fairness, justice and openness".


The opening ceremony came to an end in the magnificent broadcast exercise competition with thousands of students. All schools dressed in their own uniforms, which are full of vitality. Teachers and students used their mobile phones to record the wonderful moments.

(Translator: Peng Shuni)