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The Successful Closing Ceremony of WZBC's 2022 Sports Meeting

author:Student News Agencysource:Time:2022-05-21 14:00:00

On the afternoon of May 20th, WZBC's 2022 Sports Meeting (17th Track and Field Sports Meeting) ended successfully on Dehan playground on the South Campus. College leaders, including Xie Jian, Li Yiming, Tang Ruo, Lv Wenwei, and the secretaries of the secondary schools attended the closing ceremony, and the president assistant Hu Jiang delivered a speech.


On behalf of the college, Hu Jiang extended warm congratulations to the advanced groups and individuals who have achieved excellent results, and expressed sincere greetings and respect to the hard-working athletes, judges and staff. He hoped that the students could establish a sports awareness of lifelong exercise, and integrate the sports spirit of never giving up and surpassing themselves in the future study, work and life. He expected students to scale new heights bravely and accomplish themselves better.


The two-day sports meeting was intense and short, with touching moments of excellence, respect, and friendship. During the competitions, it coincides with the special day of "5.20". The love between teachers and students, the love among classmates, and the beauty of sports are permeated inside and outside the stadium.


During the sports meeting, all the judges worked conscientiously and rigorously, and schools and departments fully prepared it and actively participated in it. Labor unions and students took every responsibility to their work and were willing to provide excellent service. Teams worked together and trained hard. Teachers and students watched the competitions orderly. With the sports spirit of “Friendship the First, Competition the Second”, the sports meeting under the epidemic has been turned into an unforgettable gathering of teachers and students, a grand gathering to enhance unity and friendship, and an active gathering to show passion and youthful vitality.


According to statistics, a total of 3,055 athletes participated in 34 competitions in this college sports meeting, of which 19 athletes broke 12 records. At the closing ceremony, Cui Haiying, the chief judge of the meeting, announced winners’ awards of each competition.

 In addition, there are three special awards for different schools.

Students Team

Teachers Team

Broadcast  Exercise Competition


School of Management

School of  International Studies

School of International Studies

The Second Place

School of  International Studies

School of  Finance and Trade

School of  Management

The Third Place

School of  Information Engineering

School of  Management

Schoolof Information Engineering

Best   Organization Award

School of  International Studies

Sports Ethics  Award

School of Media  and Design Arts

School of   Finance and Trade

Sports Style  Award

School of  Continuing Education

 (Translator: Peng Shuni