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The Opening Ceremony of the 2022 Financial Characteristic Class and the College-Enterprise Cooperation Signing Ceremony were successfully Held

author:Zhang Xinran , Wang Zesource:Time:2022-05-13 14:15:00

WZBC’s financial characteristic class, which has been held 18 times in a row, opened again on May 11, with more than 500 students enrolled this year. It is reported that since its establishment in 2003, this financial class has successively trained financial professionals with 395 financial institutions including Ping An Bank, China Construction Bank, Bank of China, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, and other securities and futures company. It has become a well-known brand among the universities and the financial industry in Wenzhou.


At the opening ceremony, there was a “special guest”—Guan Zihao, general manager of Taizhou Securities Branch of Northeast Securities Co., Ltd. He is a graduate of WZBC in 2016. He used to be a student of the financial class during his school days. Now he is back to school as a “manager” to support school activities, and has been popular among his younger schoolmates.


“I signed up for the securities class at that time, and I learned a lot of practical experience, which has laid a solid foundation for my subsequent work in financial institutions,” Guan Zihao said. When other students around him were still trying to find jobs, he had already got the offer successfully because of the training mode of the financial class.

According to Wang Zhan’ao, dean of the School of Finance and Trade, the financial characteristic class has trained more than 8,000 students in the past 18 years, of which more than 5,000 graduates have joined major financial institutions such as banks and securities companies, and more than 100 graduates have grown into the backbone of various financial institutions or even senior managers.


On the basis of the previous class-running experience, the financial characteristic class has many highlights this time: WZBC and Ping An Bank will jointly prepare to build the second provincial financial education demonstration base in Wenzhou and create a “Ping An E Bank” live broadcast room and so on. Also a series of financial anti-fraud activities will be held regularly. In addition, employment guidance, admissions lectures, forums and other activities will be conducted.

The financial characteristic class implements the order-based talent training plan of “tailor-made + implanted elite teaching + direct access to special posts and full-time jobs”, which not only follows the school’s talent training plan, but also meets the job requirements of financial institutions. The joint teaching mode of professional teachers and professional managers is adopted to strengthen the training of students’ professional skills, so as to combine professional knowledge training, simulated competitions and on-the-job practice. After completing their studies, students will be issued a “Certificate of Completion of Financial Characteristic Classes”, and  outstanding students may have the chance to be recommended to work in relevant financial institutions.


Hu Jiang, assistant to the principal, said that WZBC attaches great importance to the employment of graduates and incorporates it into the talent training system as a systematic project, so that enrollment, talent training and employment can be promoted in coordination. The purpose of holding financial characteristic classes is to continuously deepen the intensity, depth and breadth of the integration of production and education through the reform of the talent training model, and truly improve the professional quality and comprehensive ability of students, so as to promote more high-quality employment of graduates.

(Translator: Wang Tianzhen)