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Three Projects of WZBC were Selected as the First Batch of “Teaching Innovation Team of Undergraduate Higher Education Institutions” in Wenzhou

author:News Centersource:Time:2022-06-08 15:35:00

Recently, Wenzhou Municipal Education Bureau announced the list of the first batch of “teaching innovation team of undergraduate higher education institutions”. The teaching innovation team of accounting teachers, the teaching innovation team of finance teachers and the teaching innovation team of Ouyue culture and design teachers were selected.


This time, three projects were selected as the first batch of municipal-level “teaching innovation team of undergraduate higher education institutions”, which is a reflection of our university’s emphasis on teaching team construction. Among them, the core members of the teaching innovation team of finance industry-education integration have rich experience in the construction of finance majors and school-enterprise cooperation, and some of them are members of the teaching steering committee of finance majors in Zhejiang Province, and the proportion of “double professionally titled” teachers is over 85%.


In the next step, the university will do a good job of overall planning of the teaching innovation team, refine the objectives and tasks, summarize the excellent construction experience, promote the teaching reform and the construction of “double professionally titled” teachers, and provide strong teacher support for creating the benchmark private university of Chinese socialism.

Translator: Wang Tianzhen