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WZBC’s 2022 Graduation Ceremony and Farewell Party

author:News Centersource:Time:2022-06-13 10:15:00

“At the foot of high Da Luo Mountain, along the bank of long Ou River, come with students from all directions." Accompanied by the melodious school song, more than 4,000 graduates slowly stepped into the venue to draw the end of the magnificent chapter of youth and set sail for the next period of life.


On June 12, 2022 graduation ceremony and farewell party were held in WZBC. Lin Dong, the main character of the CCTV drama—The Melody of Endeavour, came to the ceremony and gave a speech, and the former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd sent a blessing video. The college leaders, including Zhou Xiangzhe, Xie Jian, Li Yiming, Zhao Xinze, Tang Ruo and Lu Wenwei attended the ceremony, and President Assistant Hu Jiang hosted it.


At the graduation ceremony, Lin Dong gave an enthusiastic report on the topic of Innovation and Entrepreneurship—Be an Entrepreneur with Scientific Spirit. He expressed his wish to all graduates that we were born at the perfect time and meet the most splendid era, so we should be an optimist and try to be a contributor to the Party when we step into the society and stay away from people with misbehavior. Whether working as civil servants or ordinary employees of enterprises, we should do everything with an entrepreneurial spirit and look at everything from the perspective of our supervisors, so that we will definitely become the capable person or partner in the future.

Lin Dong is a famous Wen Zhou businessman, as well as the chairman of Hangzhou Lvsheng Group, and chief engineer of Zhejiang LHD Large-scale Ocean Tidal Energy Research Center, which is known as "the king of tidal energy power generation in the world". In 2001, he returned to China from Australia and founded Hangzhou Lvsheng Group Co. In 2020, CPC's Publicity Department filmed a CCTV drama The Melody of Endeavour based on his real-life story, which achieved the first TV rating in the country at the time of the that broadcast period. He hopes that the graduates will devote themselves to entrepreneurship in the future, strive for scientific and technological innovation, harbor the dream of strengthening the country with science and technology, and strive to be entrepreneurs with the scientific spirit.

As the only undergraduate business college in northern Fujian and eastern Zhejiang, WZBC invited the entrepreneurial Huang Yangyang in the drama Three Families in Wenzhou to participate in the commencement ceremony last year, and invited Lin Dong to participate in the graduation ceremony this year, in order to develop entrepreneurial education, hoping that young students will have a strong sense of immersion and turn the "idol effect" into internal learning motivation, and cultivate more innovative and entrepreneurial talents.


Mr. Kevin Rudd, the advisor of our university and the 26th Prime Minister of Australia, was unable to come to the scene, but he has always been concerned about the development of our university. He hopes that students can move forward with gratitude and adhere to the principles of "humanistic pragmatism, righteousness and profit" and overcome challenges of society.


Li Yang, president of the university and chairman of the National Finance and Development Laboratory, was unable to come to the university due to the epidemic. But he conveyed his expectations and blessings to the graduates through a video. In his speech, he hoped that all graduates would remember the school motto of "Building on the will, competing with the times", never forget the original intention, persist in their dreams, and show themselves in the most realistic way. He hoped that students could be pioneers and innovators, and strive to be the masters of local economic and social development to continue the history of innovation and create the road to common wealth. He hoped that students could bloom in the place where the motherland and the people need it most.


Hong Yuhao, the Executive Chairman of the Student Union from the School of Finance and Trade, expressed his sincere gratitude to the college and teachers on behalf of the 2022 graduates, saying that he would remember the school motto, take up the mission, live up to his youthfulness, strive to become a fighter in the torrent of the times, and make contributions in the place where the motherland needs.


At the graduation ceremony, there were many parents. Ms. Weng Qingfang, who is the mother of Zhu Diyue and a graduate parent representative of the 2018 "4+1" international class, said that she was glad to see her child's significant progress and she was really grateful for the guidance of the college leaders and teachers with advanced school philosophy, and she was really delighted to see a group of peers with the same interests support each other.


Graduates took out their cell phones and entered the WZBC's intelligent campus system, transforming the original "campus card" into an "alumni card". In the future, graduates can seamlessly connect with their alma mater through the "alumni card", which reflects the pragmatism and thoughtfulness of the college in creating the brand of "Best Serve Student College".


Zhou Xiangzhe, Executive President and Party Secretary, presented graduation certificates and scrolls of blessings to representatives of the 2022 graduates, and turned the tassel for those who received bachelor's degrees.


The college leaders presented honorary certificates to 137 "Outstanding Graduates of Zhejiang Province", representatives of outstanding graduates from international studies, domestic graduates from graduate schools and outstanding graduates from entrepreneurship.


In addition, at this year's graduation season, the school also launched the "ten best services" project, including receiving graduation gifts, providing free buffet, reserving an special carriage for WZBC graduates, and providing mail service for graduates who cannot arrive at the college. Teachers performed the video of the song "Together to the Future" to express their best blessings to the graduates.

Translator: Peng Shuni