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WZBC held a pairing ceremony with Pinghe Township, Wencheng County and the 2022 Summer Social Practice Expedition Ceremony

author:News Centersource:Time:2022-07-02 10:55:00

On July 1st, Wenzhou Business College held the launching ceremony of the “Achieving Prosperity Action” pairing with Pinghe Township, Wencheng County and the 2022 Summer Social Practice Expedition Ceremony. We will integrate relevant resources of the whole college to help create agricultural tourism IP, donate money for schools, and sell goods with e-commerce, etc., comprehensively serving the construction of Pinghe Township, and help Dongfang Village in this township to build a new rural model as soon as possible.


On the site of the launching ceremony, the practice base was unveiled, and a flag-giving ceremony was held for the Social Practice Pioneering Group.

Pinghe Township is located in the southeast of Wencheng County and the leading industry is tea. There are many historical sites in the township. This time, WZBC will be paired with Pinghe Township. By setting up a professor and doctor service group to enter the village, we will formulate rural plans for the local area, create agricultural tourism IP, and design packaging images for local agricultural products such as tea. At the same time, relying on the college’s “Zhang Hanming Charity Fund”, we will tie up with the elderly and poor students in the township, and carry out donation and volunteer service activities.


In addition, our college’s summer social practice team will rely on new media such as e-commerce and webcast to actively recommend and sell local agricultural products, increase villagers’ income, and organize entrepreneurial alumni and school-enterprise cooperation units to go deep into Pinghe Township to carry out industrial cooperation such as homestays, cultural tourism, etc.

It is reported that since WZBC responded to the call of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government in 2015 and paired with Wencheng County to carry out the work of new youth going to the countryside, a total of more than 100 teams of more than 3,000 teachers and students have gone to various cultural halls in Wencheng County during winter and summer vacations and weekends. The village community has carried out warm-hearted and beneficial services, and more than 100,000 people have benefited. WZBC and Wencheng County have won the advanced collective of Wenzhou new youth going to the countryside for many times. This time, the Organization Department of the Wenzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and other organizations organized the fourth batch of first secretaries of the municipal party. WZBC selected Comrade Wang Ji as the first secretary of Dongfang Village, Pinghe Township.


At the launching ceremony, Ye Kan, a doctor from Wenzhou 120 Emergency Center, gave a “Summer Social Practice Safety Lecture” for the summer social practice team, explaining relevant safety knowledge and precautions. This year, the summer social practice is based on the theme of “Welcome the 20th National Congress, Follow the Party, and Forge a New Journey”. 4,694 students from 165 teams will go deep into the social classroom and carry out “New Youth Going to the Countryside” based on the professional knowledge they have learned. 


Yan Cheng, Secretary of the Party Committee of Pinghe Township, Wencheng County, Liao Jianfeng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Hu Jiang, Assistant to the Principal of WZBC, heads of relevant functional departments of the college, secretaries (deputy secretaries) of all secondary schools, summer social practice instructors and representatives of practice team members attended the ceremony. 

(Translator: Wang Tianzhen)