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Teacher Ye Xiaopeng Won the Title of Master of Chinese Arts and Crafts

author:School of Media & Art Designsource:Time:2022-08-13 14:10:00

On August 5th, according to the announcement of the China National Light Industry Federation, 108 masters of Chinese arts and crafts were finally selected by the 8th China Arts and Crafts Masters. The famous boxwood carving artist Ye Xiaopeng, a senior arts and crafts artist from the School of Media &Art Design, was on the list.


The title of the master of Chinese arts and crafts is the highest honor in China’s arts and crafts industry, and is a typical representative of the practitioners of both virtue and art. Since 1979, it has been selected every four years, and a total of 640 people have been selected so far.


Ye Xiaopeng is the sixth-generation inheritor of Ye’s boxwood carving. He is currently teaching in the Department of Product and Craft Arts of the School of Media &Art Design, and has established a woodcarving studio in our college to cultivate arts and crafts talents with both modern fashion design concepts and marketing awareness.

Ye Xiaopeng also serves as the vice president of Wenzhou Arts and Crafts Research Institute and the chairman of Yongjia Arts and Crafts Industry Association, Master of Arts and Crafts in Zhejiang Province, Leading Craft Arts Talent in Zhejiang Province, Outstanding Talent in Wenzhou and the fifth batch of representative inheritors of intangible cultural heritage in Wenzhou.

                                           Translator: Wang Tianzhen