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Good news! National championship again!

author:陳小玲 邵俏俏source:學生事務部Time:2019-12-25 11:55:00

On December 21, 2019, the 2019-2020 National Cheerleading League (Ji'an Station) was held at Ji'an Sports Center. Led by Chen Xiaoling, secretary of the WZBC Youth League Committee, the cheerleading team tutored by Shao Qiaoqiao won the first place in the skill and flower ball cheerleading contest.



The contest was hosted by the Gymnastics Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China and the Education Department of Jiangxi Province. A total of nearly 1,500 athletes from 70 teams participated in the game. The teams were strong and the competition was fierce.


Though all firt-timers in national competition, the 12 players were quite fearless and made an excellent debut. This is the second huge award won by brilliant WZBC students following the Jazz Double Action Championship in the National Cheerleading Championships in 2018.