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Students from the School of Information Technology won the first prize in the East China Division of the 2nd National College Student Data Skills Competition 2019

author:胡施雅source:信息工程學院Time:2019-12-15 11:55:00

On October 13, 2019, the 2nd National College Student Big Data Skills Contest East China Division trial was successfully held in Hefei University. In this competition, three students from our school, Wang Yifeng, Li Boran and Shao Mingwei, passed the competition and won first prizes and successfully advanced to the finals.

The 2nd National University Student Big Data Skills Competition was officially launched in March this year. It was sponsored by China Big Data Technology and Application Alliance, China Agricultural University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Inspur Software Group and a few other companies. The Big Data Skills Competition aims to promote the  teaching mode of data-related majors in colleges and universities, enrich the teaching resources such as the curriculum system, teaching content, and teaching methods of related majors, and cultivate more advanced high-quality and highly-skilled personnel.

The School of Information Engineering attaches great importance to this competition and conducted targeted high-intensity training under the arrangement of the college's leader and instructor, Kuang Fangjun. The three students also spared no time in practicing and hard training. The team will participate in the national competition in November.

The competition has stimulated students' enthusiasm for learning and innovation, and helps cultivate correct professional values and outlook on life. Students of the School of Information Engineering have been actively participating in related competitions and have achieved excellent results in the first National Big Data Skills Competition in 2018. In the finals of the upcoming 2nd National Big Data Skills Competition, we wish the team a great success!