Our school was awarded the title of "Advanced Collective for Promoting Wenzhou's High-quality Development"

author:Author: Zhu Yongshuang Translators: Wang Tianzhen,source:Department of Party AffairsTime:2021-03-19 11:05:00

Recently, the Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal People's Government of the Communist Party of China issued a statement commending a group of "advanced collectives and individuals for promoting Wenzhou's High-quality Development", and our school was awarded the title of "advanced collective".


In 2020, in the face of the raging Covid-19 epidemic, with the joint efforts of all teachers and students, Wenzhou Business College has achieved success in both epidemic prevention and control and resumption of classes. The scale of the school has been steadily expanded, the reputation continuously improved, and the influence gradually increased.


In recent years, our school has been focusing on serving local economic and social development, giving full play to the business specialty characteristics and talent advantages, and established a batch of social service organizations, including Wenzhou Research Base of National Finance and Development Laboratory , the "Two Health" Research Institute, the Political and Commercial School, and Wenzhou Township College. In 2020, Wenzhou Research Base of National Finance and Development Laboratory has completed a number of projects entrusted by the Wenzhou Finance Office. With the assistance of Wenzhou Bureau of Statistics and the National Finance and Development Laboratory, the "Wenzhou Local Balance Sheet (2018)" has been completed in July 2020, which is the country's first local balance sheet. The Wenzhou "Two Health" Research Institute has cooperated with the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce to complete the evaluation of the healthy growth of private enterprises in Wenzhou. Wenzhou Township College has completed a special research project on rural revitalization in Longwan District, and has submitted a research report on “The Drive of Urban-Rural Integration to Create a Sample of Suburban and Rural Revitalization”. The academic achievements, research reports and suggestions of think tank experts have been approved by municipal, provincial and even national leaders many times.

We have also cooperated with Ouhai District to build "One Center, Two Colleges". During the year, we have undertaken 36 government-enterprise training sessions with a total of more than 2,500 participants. We have participated in the activity "Ten Hundred Thousand" to help enterprises, contacting a total of 31 companies. 31 full-time teachers, all of whom either have doctorate degree or are professors or associate professors, have been sent to companies to provide services, strengthen school-local cooperation, promote the integration of production and education, and create the new situation of "co-building, sharing and win-win" so as to further promote the high-quality development of Wenzhou's private economy.