Wenzhou Business College Won Three Consecutive Championships in the Ranking of Wu Shulian Private Universities in China in 2021

author:Author: Zhu Yongshuang ;Translator: Wang Tianzhesource:Time:2021-04-15 10:05:00

   In the newly released Wu Shulian 2021 China Private University Ranking, Wenzhou Business College has won the first place in China’s top private universities and the first place in the selection order of private universities in China for three consecutive years.


Wu Shulian’s 2021 China’s top private university standards have important revisions compared with previous years. In the past, China’s first-class private universities consisted of universities that ranked the top in terms of quality of undergraduate graduates, academic standards of teachers, and the performance of teachers. Starting from 2021, China’s top private universities will be those private independent colleges with the highest selection order. Since the school selection order index is composed of three items: the employment quality of undergraduates, the academic level of teachers, and the performance of teachers, the standards for China’s top private universities in 2021 are both inherited and improved compared with previous years. China’s top private universities represent the highest level of comprehensive indicators for private universities in China.


The “Double First” for three consecutive years is the best interpretation of the level and reputation of our school. We adhere to the fundamental task of fostering virtue through education, focus on education and teaching, take “high-end, internationalization, and individuation” as the strategic development goal. We are student centered and social demand oriented. Meantime we deepen the integration of production, teaching and research, promote the characteristics of “entrepreneurship education”, create a “university that best serves students”, and continuously improve the level and reputation of our school.

Last year, the CCTV news channels “News Room” and “Morning News” featured and reported the practical education achievements of Wenzhou Business School. China Education Television, the most authoritative education media in China, also focused on Wenzhou Business College and broadcast a news feature film named “Wenzhou Business College: Striving to Build a Model for Entrepreneurship Education”, praising the effectiveness of entrepreneurial education reform of Wenzhou Business College .

In recent years, our school has started to build the international education system from many aspects, such as establishing the concept of international education, building an international faculty, offering international courses, building international exchange and advancement platforms, and strengthening international academic exchanges and scientific research cooperation. We spare no efforts to comprehensively enhance the internationalization level of our school’s education.

In March 2021, the Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal People’s Government of the Communist Party of China issued a statement commending a group of “advanced collectives and individuals for promoting Wenzhou’s high-quality development”, and our school was awarded the title of “advanced collective”. Focusing on serving the local economic and social development, our school gives full play to the business characteristics and talent advantages, and establishes a group of social organizations, such as the “Wenzhou Research Base of National Finance and Development Laboratory ”, “Two Health” Research Institute, the Political and Commercial School, Wenzhou Township College, etc. The academic achievements, research reports and suggestions of think tank experts have been approved by municipal, provincial and national leaders many times.

Wu Shulian Ranking of Private Universities in China

The topic of “2021 Evaluation of Private Universities and Independent Colleges in China” hosted by Wu Shulian, the leader of the “Chinese University Evaluation” project of the Chinese Academy of Management Science, was completed in March 2021, and the content was published by China Statistics Press. The book is titled “Choose a University and Choose a Major-2021 College Entrance Exam Application Guide (Private University and Independent College Edition)”.

Wu Shulian’s 2021 China Private Universities and Independent Colleges (hereinafter referred to as private independent colleges) ranking is based on comprehensive strength ranking and subject category ranking, taking consideration of the order of candidates’ school selection, graduate quality, graduate enrollment rate, freshman quality, teacher academic level, and faculty performance ranking. It’s a comprehensive introduction to the basic situation of China’s 399 independent colleges and privately-run universities, including 200 privately-run universities. Compared with the previous year, the provincial awards, the changes of the source of works have been included and the appearance patent authorization has been canceled in the 2021 evaluation index.