Vice Governor Cheng Yuechong Came to WZBC for Research and Guidance

author:News Center translator: Wang Tianzhensource:Department of Party AffairsTime:2021-08-28 09:15:00

On the morning of August 28th, Cheng Yuechong, Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province, visited our school for research and guidance. Vice Mayor of Wenzhou City Chen Yingxu, heads of relevant provincial and municipal departments, WZBC’s party secretary and executive principal Zhou Xiangzhe, and school leaders Xie Jian, Li Yiming, and Tang Ruo accompanied the research.


Cheng Yuechong and his entourage came to our school’s cafeteria, infirmary, student apartment, etc., to carefully understand the preparations before the school starts, focusing on the school’s covid-19 epidemic prevention and control measures before the school starts and during the teachers and students’ return to school. At the entrance of the student apartment, Cheng Yuechong specifically asked a counselor about the procedures that students need to go through when the school starts. Knowing that the school stipulates that all the teachers and students who return to school need to have a negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours except for the teachers and students who are on campus during the holiday, he nodded with satisfaction.


During the investigation, school leader Zhou Xiangzhe briefly reported on the situation of WZBC. WZBC is the first full-time general undergraduate college in Zhejiang Province that has been converted to an independent setting. It has become the only business undergraduate college in southern Zhejiang with 16,000 students. In recent years, the college has adhered to the path of “high-end, international, and individualized” development, committed to creating the brand of “best service university”, and has been praised by mainstream media such as CCTV as a “model for entrepreneurial education”. In Wu Shulian’s ranking of China’s top private universities, WZBC has been ranked first both in China’s top private universities and  the selection order of private universities in China for three consecutive years.


Cheng Yuechong expressed his appreciation for the rapid and prosperous development of our school since its conversion, and encouraged us to combine the advantages of Wenzhou’s developed private economy, further developing its school-running characteristics and striving to cultivate more compound talents with international vision and innovative thinking for the contribution of Zhejiang’s high-quality development and construction of a common prosperity demonstration zone.


Before leaving, Cheng Yuechong also urged school leaders that the time before and after the school starts is a tough one for epidemic prevention and control. And it must be jointly advanced in advance, scientifically and responsibly. It is imperative to do a good job to prevent and control the epidemic concerning teachers and students returning to school from high-risk areas before the start of school, and organize them to return in batches in an orderly manner according to the principle of “different time, different regions and different levels” to ensure the safety, order and stability of returning to school. Besides, the college authorities must strictly control large-scale activities after the beginning of school. All teachers and students must be responsibles for their own health first, and take personal protection to avoid unnecessary going out, gatherthing and visiting. And all the teachers and students should strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control management regulations to ensure the absolute safety.