School Leaders Visited the Returning Teachers and Students at Night On the Eve of the School Yea

author:Author: News Center Translator: Wang Tianzhensource:Time:2022-02-21 15:05:00

On the evening of February 20, school leaders Zhou Xiangzhe, Xie Jian, Li Yiming, Zhao Xinze, Tang Ruo and Hu Jiang led the relevant leaders of various departments and schools to go into the student dormitories and teachers’ apartments to visit some teachers and students who just returned to school.


Executive Principal and Party Secretary Zhou Xiangzhe and his entourage first came to Luoshan Academy to chat about the dormitory culture and entrepreneurship with students.

During the winter vacation, a student from the School of Management accidentally injured his leg. When he returned to school, he had not yet recovered, and the thick bandage was wrapped around his ankle. Zhou Xiangzhe inquired about his injury carefully and told him to pay attention to safety when exercising, and reminded other students to help and love each other to make the dormitory life warmer.


Zhou Xiangzhe is very concerned about the civilized construction of the students’ dormitories. At the faculty meeting held on the eve of the school year, he asked teachers to carry out extensive activities to create a civilized campus in the new semester, the first of which is the civilized dormitory. He urged the students to develop the habit of tidying up the dormitory, creating a clean and bright dormitory and also a good dormitory culture.

During the night visit, a student from School of Finance and Trade said that he planned to return to China to start a business after studying abroad. Zhou Xiangzhe nodded and expressed his appreciation frequently. He said that our school has always adhered to the characteristic of entrepreneurship education, and overseas returnee entrepreneurship is one of the highlights. He encouraged students to study step by step and make contributions to our country’s economic development in the future.

In the teacher’s apartment of Chaohao Academy, Zhou Xiangzhe just entered the building and felt that the atmosphere of “home” was not strong enough. He immediately urged the relevant person in charge to buy some paintings and calligraphy as soon as possible, improve the size of the sofa, and strengthen safety precautions to make the place more comfortable, more peaceful. Knowing that some of the new teachers were from other provinces, he carefully asked whether they could adapt to school life, and encouraged everyone to report any difficulties in a timely manner, and regard Wenzhou Business College as their home.


In the evening, the school leaders also visited Wenbo Academy, Shuixin Academy, Chaohao Academy, Dehan Academy and other teachers’ apartments. A thoughtful greeting and a warm reminder made the teachers and students who had just returned to school very moved. Everyone said that they would devote themselves to study and work with full enthusiasm in the new semester, and make due contributions to the decisive battle for the qualification assessment of undergraduate teaching work.