Ge Pengfei Whom the Media has Tracked and Reported for 8 Years Graduated from University

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The 24-year-old Ge Pengfei left the ivory tower and headed to a new path in life in a wheelchair. On June 12, Ge Pengfei, a student of the School of Media and Art Design, put on a bachelor’s uniform and attended his graduation ceremony, marking a successful conclusion to his two-year college life.


After that, the students will go their separate ways, and Ge Pengfei will also return to Hangzhou. A few days ago, he successfully passed the graduation thesis. Under the guidance of the teacher Li Haihua, he and two other students made a VI vision system of the college. “This is the first big project I participated in.”

“I like painting and graphic design, and I will definitely continue on this path.” On the day of graduation, Ge Pengfei revealed his future plan in an interview with a reporter from the Qianjiang Evening News. He said that he wanted to find a job in Hangzhou and continue to work hard on the road ahead.

Qianjiang Evening News has been tracking and reporting the story of this strong guy for 8 years. In the drizzle, the school held a graduation ceremony. Ge Pengfei was arranged to sit in the middle of the first row, next to the teachers. He said, “I feel very honored.”

Graduation is both joy and nostalgia. Bidding farewell to college life, his life has reached a turning point. “I could scarcely bear to leave school.” Ge Pengfei has a lot to say to the teachers and classmates.


“I want to thank the head teacher Wang Tianzhen the most. Ge Pengfei said, “She is my closest person. Just after the graduation ceremony, she told me to call her if I need help.

In daily life, I have the care of my head teacher, and in my study, I also have the guidance of my tutor Li Haihua. “The two teachers are very attentive, and they care about me both in study and life.”

In addition to the teachers, classmates are also the reason why he is reluctant to leave school. “The deputy monitor accompanies me to and from class every day, just like my siblings, and a few classmates are also my good friends in learning. We do designing together, and sometimes when we have inspiration, we would help each other to improve and perfect the project.”


Ge Pengfei entered the media field in January 2014. At that time, Qianjiang Evening News received a hotline call from his mother, Ms. Fu. On the day of the call, Ms. Fu burst into tears, “My son Ge Pengfei was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy when he was 4 years old and he couldn’t participate in various sports. When he reached the first year of junior high school, he could only move against the wall, and he could no longer stand in the second year of junior high school.”

The next day after the call, Qianjiang Evening News has been following Ge Pengfei’s growth, from Xingzhi Middle School to Hangzhou Gongshu Vocational High School, from Zhejiang Special Education Vocational College to Wenzhou Business College.


In 2020, Ge Pengfei passed the undergraduate examination and successfully entered the School of Media and Art Design of Wenzhou Business College, majoring in visual communication design. Before he entered the school, considering Ge Pengfei’s special situation, Wenzhou Business College arranged a two-person dormitory, which is convenient for Ge’s mother to take care of him, and made appropriate renovations for washing and toileting.

“Everyone really takes good care of us.”On the eve of graduation, Ge’s mother said that she would like to thank many people, and most of all, she would like to thank the teachers and classmates who have taken good care of them in the past two years.

Ge’s mother remarked that for the past two years, every time Pengfei went to class, no matter the wind or rain, the deputy monitor Wang Jinxuan and other classmates escorted him all the way to attend the class. They never allowed Pengfei to be absent from every class reunion. They often came to the dormitory to discuss homework and brainstorm.


It was in such an atmosphere that Ge Pengfei’s professional skills improved rapidly. Professional teachers also took him to participate in some international competitions and won some awards. Through the competition, Ge Pengfei’s vision has been broadened, and he has been exposed to many cutting-edge design concepts. He has become more determined on the road of graphic design.

In the past two years, although Ge Pengfei was limited by his body, he has never lacked good-hearted people who helped him. In the words of Ge’s mother, “It is with these kind-hearted people that we can go so far.”

Ge Pengfei wanted to thank his head teacher Wang Tianzhen, “Mr. Wang has really become my closest person. She’s so busy with her work every day, but she often contacted me through WeChat and phone calls. Sometimes when it’s not working days, she would come to the dormitory to see me and ask me if we need any help.”

In Wang Tianzhen’s eyes, Ge Pengfei is a very hardworking and optimistic student. Although he is physically challenged, he has never been decadent and never complained. “Pengfei and his mother are both very strong people. They do not like to trouble others and when they encounter difficulties, they choose to solve them by themselves first.” Wang Tianzhen said that Ge Pengfei’s optimism also inspired people around him. “He made us more positive to face the difficulties in life.”


In order to help Ge Pengfei, Wang Tianzhen and the students often think about the potential problems he might encounter in daily life and solve them in advance, “Our north and south campuses are separated by a road, and students usually take the overpass, but it is very inconvenient for Pengfei, we would communicate with the security guard in advance to help escort him there.”

In the past two years, Ge Pengfei’s grades are also good, ranking at the top of the class. Wang Tianzhen said that Ge Pengfei is very eager to learn and has strong adaptability. He is very attentive in class, and he would check the information by himself after class. In the first academic year, Ge Pengfei also won a scholarship of 20,000 yuan.

On the eve of graduation, Wang Tianzhen sent blessings to Ge Pengfei, hoping that he can uphold a positive spirit and soar into the sky like a Dapeng in the future. She said that he could realize the motto of Wenzhou Business College — to strive for the best and advance with the times, and the experience of these years has sharpened both Pengfei’s will and professional skills.


Now, Ge Pengfei is about to embark on a new path. Restricted by his body, he hopes to find a job with “relative freedom in the workplace”, and has been trying to take orders online for design in the past few months.

At the same time, Ge Pengfei is also sending his resume online, looking forward to joining some design studios. Ge’s mother plans to wait for Ge Pengfei’s job to be settled, and then find a job close to home so that she can take care of her son.

(Translator: Wang Tianzhen)