WZBC’s RMB 10 million Donation in Ouyue Prestigious Principals Cultivation Special Fund

author:News Centersource:Party and Group Work DepartmentTime:2022-07-17 09:35:00

On July 17, Wenzhou Ouyue Prestigious Principals Cultivation Special Fund Donation Ceremony and Training Course Opening Ceremony was held in WZBC. Our college donated 10 million yuan to Wenzhou People's Education Foundation and set up a special fund for cultivating Ouyue prestigious principals in the foundation.


At the ceremony, Vice Principal Tang Ruo signed the donation agreement with the Municipal Education Bureau. The special fund for cultivating prestigious principals in Ouyue is open to donations from all walks of life, including enterprises and institutions, and social organizations, which are enthusiastic about charity and public welfare. The funds are earmarked for specific purposes and the use of which is regularly disclosed to the donors.


Zhou Xiangzhe, the executive principal and secretary of the Party Committee of our college, said that the principal is the spreader, practitioner and leader of education, and the “soul” of the college. As a college based in Wenzhou, it is WZBC’s responsibility to help the cultivation and growth of the prestigious principals. At the same time, he hopes that this training course can set up a good platform to promote mutual exchanges and achieve common growth.

Ouyue prestigious principal training course is divided into 4 training courses: kindergarten principal “pilot program” workshop, elementary school principal “Ouyue strong school” high-end training course, junior high school “strong school project” brand school principal training course, and 2022 school-level deputy reserve cadres of municipal education system (middle youth class). The first batch of more than 200 trainees will go through one-year training. The special cultivation program for Ouyue prestigious principals has received strong support from the Institute of Fundamental Education of East China Normal University, Shanghai Education Society, the Journal of Primary and Secondary School Management, the National Research Alliance of Education Directors, Zhejiang Foreign Language Institute and other units.


The recently concluded provincial and municipal party congresses respectively put forward new requirements and expectations for education, focusing on building the golden symbols of "Zheli Youxue" and "Xuehao Wenzhou", and making every effort to run a good education to the satisfaction of the people. In order to further implement the "Opinions on Enhancing Teachers' Preferential Treatment", strengthen the professional construction of Wenzhou principals' team. Wenzhou formulated and issued the Wenzhou Ouyue Prestigious Kindergarten Principal Cultivation Navigation Plan, Wenzhou Ouyue Prestigious Principal Cultivation Navigation Plan for Compulsory Education Schools and Wenzhou Ouyue Prestigious Principal Cultivation Navigation Plan for High Schools, and set up a special fund in Wenzhou People's Education Foundation.


The official who is in charge of the Municipal Education Bureau said that this initiative aims to break through the bottleneck of training funding standards and measures to achieve the training goals of high-end principals with the help of the support of special funds from the foundation, and strives to build a high-level training platform through several years, with theoretical training, practical training, project research, academic upgrading.etc., to create a group of professional high-end principals who can adapt to the needs of education reform and development. In order to meet the needs of the society and the times for quality and balanced education, the Wenzhou Bureau of Education has established a high-level training platform.


Other attendees are as follows. Zheng Huan-dong, secretary of Party Committee and director of Wenzhou Education Bureau; Zhao Decheng, professor and doctoral supervisor of Education Department of Beijing Normal University; Zhang Weikai, member of Party Committee and deputy director of Municipal Education Bureau and executive director of Municipal People's Education Foundation; Zhang Dingchang, Chairman of Cage Group Co.;Wu Jianhong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the supervisory board of Wenzhou Bank Co.

(Tanslator: Peng Shuni)