WZBC Held a Farewell Party for Volunteers of the 2022 West Program

author:News Centersource:Department of Party AffairsTime:2022-07-14 10:10:00

On the afternoon of July 14, our school held a farewell party for the volunteers of the 2022 West Program. Li Qiaoqiao and other three students are about to go to the place where the motherland and the people need most and devote their youth and strength there. 


The 2022 China’s Far West Program is jointly implemented by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. Since the recruitment of the plan was launched in April this year, the Youth League Committee of the university has carried out extensive and careful organization work. A total of 23 people have signed up for the plan, including Li Qiaoqiao from the School of Media and Art Design, Zhu Xiaolong and Shao Jiahao from the School of Information Engineering. After being screened at all levels, such as qualification examination, psychological test, interview, physical examination and post allocation, they were finally successfully admitted.


Hu Jiang, the Assistant President of WZBC, offered his congratulations to the three students who were about to embark on a trip to the west, hoping that they would firm their ideals and beliefs, cultivate the feelings of home and nation, and dedicate their youth and strength wholeheartedly. At the same time, they should learn the local customs as soon as possible, adapt to local life, study hard and think well, temper their will and overcome difficulties. The alma mater will always be here and give the strong support to them all the time.


At the farewell party, the three volunteers shared their original intention to join the West Program and their future plans, and expressed their gratitude to their alma mater and mentors. They said that they would always uphold the spirit of the school motto of “Forge Ahead and Compete with the Times”, practice the solemn oath of “Please Rest Assured that We’ll Make China Strong”, and dedicate their energy and youth to the development of the western part of the motherland with whole heart and mind.


It is reported that the three volunteers would go to Xinjiang together to carry out volunteer services for a period of 1-5 years. Previously, more than 40 college students have participated in the The National and Local Grassroots Employment Projects, and committed to serving the local economic and social development, which helped bring credit to our college. The person in charge of the Student Affairs Department and the Youth League Committee of the University, the Deputy Secretary of the relevant department, the head teacher and the counselor attended the farewell party.

 (Translator: ZhengYang)