International Building Integrated Management Service Station officially launched Date: 27 December 2019

author:馮亦東source:后勤服務部Time:2019-12-27 10:55:00

WZBC established the Comprehensive Management Service Station for  International Building, in order to build the “University that Best Serves Students”, go with the international standards, deepen the reform of support services and establish a comprehensive administrative service mechanism. Services will be rolled out soon, and relevant standards and regulations have all been worked out.

After the Service Station officially launched its business, Han Baijun, the manager, visited the units in the building to be briefed the situation of use, opinions and suggestions, and summarize the needs of each unit. Problems found will be addressed accordingly. The assets and equipment of the public areas of the building and the multimedia classrooms were also checked. During the visit, the units also gave credit to and raised high expectations about the service station.

The Service Station will formulate and improve various management rules and regulations according to the actual situation, conduct special rectifications for general problems, strengthen inspections and and completely solve the needs of various units, so as to achieve the goal of high-quality, high-standards, efficiency and safety.