Beat destiny, challenge the impossible Date: 3 December 2019

author:趙晨堯 朱喆豪/文 呂銘峻 何銳/攝source:學生通訊社Time:2019-12-03 10:55:00

On the morning of December 1st, the International Cultural Festival’s Sports and Health Week was launched in the gymnasium. The ceremony invited Mr. Nick Santonastasso, an inspiring global figure and carried out the “Challenging the Impossible”--Fitness Activity of a thousand participants, bringing the event to an exciting start.

When interviewed before the challenge began, Nick said that fitness activities can not only help you keep fit, but more importantly change the way of thinking and strengthen willpower. He hoped that by shaping himself, he would inspire more people to carry out the fitness program, and also let more people know that they could also become better. Nick hoped that the WZBCers could find their idols in life, find the role models they wanted to be in the future, and learn from the people who were successful, so that they could stand on the shoulders of giants and go further in their lives.

The fitness activity started with a warm-up exercise. Later, Zhou Jianhua, the sole agent of Nick, stepped onto the stage to interact with the students and handed the floor to the man of the day, Nick, who is a global youth motivational speaker, the world's most inspirational bodybuilder, and New York Fashion Week’s cover person.

In a cheer of applause, Nick entered the stage and pushed the atmosphere to the climax. He introduced to everyone his life’s true “challenge impossible” in a humorous tone. With only one arm, he joined his school's  wrestling team with his strength; with only one arm and one finger, he has been hailed as “the most inspirational bodybuilder in the world” by the bodybuilding industry in China. Without legs, he stood on the stage of New York Fashion Week and was selected the cover person. The mission of his life is to use his own life to inspire one billion young people worldwide to enlarge their dreams and challenge themselves. Nick's unhealthy body shows that the biggest difficulty in fitness is to achieve balance. In this regard, he mentioned three keywords. The first is to try. Only by constantly trying in a variety of ways and never giving up, can there be more possibilities. The second is to take note of the effective methods and invalid ones, and take the essence and remove the dross to increase the possibility of success. The third is improvement. On the path to success, finding the most suitable way is also necessary.

During the speech, Nick also did a fitness demonstration himself. Nearly a thousand students did push-ups, to experience the spirit of “challenge the impossible”and not succumb to failure. Nick used his own actions to tell the audience that life will never get easier, so what we have to do is to make ourselves better, because without pushing yourself, you never know your limits.

At the end of the event, a letter of appointment to be a visiting professor of our International School was issued to Nick by Ms. Lai Xiaoqiong, the dean of the International School. He was also invited to visit WZBC more often to encourage and motivate more WZBCers.