Media Focus|Wenzhou Business College’s Four Consecutive Championships in China’s Private Universities

author:source:Time:2022-04-18 14:30:00


In the past few days, major medias in Wenzhou, as well as the new media platforms, such as People’s Daily,, Wenzhou Release, The Paper, Jiupai News, have reprinted the news that WZBC has been ranked as a top private university in China for four consecutive years. The mystery behind the four consecutive championships is waiting to be digged out.

On April 17, Wenzhou Daily reported Wenzhou Business College’s Four Consecutive Championships in China’s Private Universities on the front page. It is claimed that this honor relies on the college philosophy, the efficiency and flexibility of the private mechanism, and the continuous improvement of college-running capacity. On the same day, Wenzhou Release reprinted this piece of news with the title of Wenzhou Business College’s Four Consecutive Championships on Wu Shulian 2022 China Private Universities’ Ranking. On April 18, People's Daily,, and Wenzhou Evening News reprinted it in the headline position of the second news section.

According to the report, Wenzhou Business College won the first place in China's first-class private universities and China’s private university selection on the newly released Wu Shulian 2022 China’s Private Universities’ Ranking. The ranking represents the highest level of comprehensive indicators of Chinese private universities. Since 2019, Wenzhou Business College has won the double crown for four consecutive years.

Wu Shulian's Ranking is centered at the comprehensive strength, and makes comprehensive and basic introduction of 396 private independent colleges in China, including 221 private universities. China's first-class private universities are determined by three indicators, which are graduate employment quality, teachers' academic level, and teachers’ performance in the order of university selection.

As the only business undergraduate college in southern Zhejiang, Wenzhou Business College has adhered to the characteristics of entrepreneurship education since its establishment in 1999, and is committed to cultivating high-quality applied talents with international vision and modern business spirit. The college actively expands overseas study channels. At present, more than 2,000 students have gone to more than 100 overseas universities for further study. Among them, about 1,000 students have entered the top 100 universities in the QS ranking, such as University of Edinburgh and King's College London. WZBC is aimed to build a local high-level applied university.

This year, it was approved to add an undergraduate major in Entrepreneurship Management, and it will officially recruit students in the fall. This major is committed to cultivating entrepreneurs, family business successors and professional managers with a global vision in the digital economy era. The first computer-based IELTS test center in southern Zhejiang has been settled in WZBC. It provides ordinary IELTS test and IELTS for British visas and immigration for candidates around the country.

WZBC also has scientific research institutions, such as National Finance and Development Laboratory Wenzhou Research Base, the Wenzhou "Two Health" Research Institute, and Wenzhou "Belt and Road" Research Center.

                                                          (Translator: Peng Shuni