China Education Newspaper Client: Tax Service Station Facilitates the Employment and Entrepreneurship of College Students in Wenzhou, Zhejiang

author:Jiang Yifeng& Hu Jinlin&Pan Hongxisource:Time:2022-06-13 10:10:00

Recently, the first “Tax Service Station to Facilitate the Employment and Entrepreneurship of College Students” was set up in WZBC in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province. It provides all-round interactive services such as policy propaganda, tax service counseling, problem consultation and practical experience for college graduates in Wenzhou, and promotes the effective linkage between tax service and employment and entrepreneurship service.


Many graduates and school entrepreneurs came to the event. Liu Junzhi, a graduate of WZBC, set up a film and television studio with his classmates last year, getting an annual revenue of nearly one million yuan. Most of the 14 members of the studio are his schoolmates, and Liu Junzhi was also awarded as the second Typical Figure of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of College Students in Wenzhou. Later Liu Junzhi learned that in addition to the exemption from VAT on sales below 450000 yuan per quarter, he could also enjoy more exemptions regardless of the amount of his income before December this year, as long as he is still a small-scale taxpayer. That is to say, he could be exempted from tax expenditure of several tens of thousands of dollars, in proportion to his own scale of operation. Meanwhile, as a fresh graduate to start a self-employed business, he could enjoy a tax deduction of up to 14400 yuan per year for three years, which can be used to deduct his personal income tax when the VAT has been exempted. Liujunzhi was especially delighted with these tangible tax concessions.

It is known that previously college students can get information about the relevant tax policies through the website of the Tax Bureau or go to the tax service hall, but without efficient guidance, the consultation process could undoubtedly be time and energy consuming, and hardly meet the demand for personalized tax services. With the establishment of the “Tax Service Station to Facilitate the Employment and Entrepreneurship of College Students”, college students can get one-to-one personalized services at the service station without leaving the school.

                                          (Translator: Zheng Yang)