Wenzhou Daily: WZBC Volunteers Show Loving Care for the Left-Behind Children

author:News Centersource:Wenzhou DailyTime:2022-08-25 15:55:00


The 8 years old boy Zhijie, whose parents has been working abroad for many years, became more and more isolated and unsociable as a result of the long separation from his parents due to the covid-19 epidemic. Thanks to the e-Sunshine volunteer service of WZBC, Zhijie cheered up and turned out to be much happier .

The cloud stage to mark the growing up of left-behind children is established by the e-Sunshine volunteer service center, which aims to record great moments of each child with the exact one-to-one cloud companion to form the Companion Cloud for those stay-at-home children. The cloud stage creates an interactive air classroom for those kids to promote their learning with lectures from 100 experts in a way of Learning Cloud. It also helps build the Growth Cloud of volunteers to enhance the mutual recognition mechanism of volunteer service among all colleges and universities, which will better reflect the service performance of volunteers.

The e-Sunshine volunteer service center of WZBC organized nine teams, totaling 250 college students, to carry out the 25 day volunteer service activity during this summer vocation. The volunteers went to Keqiao in Shaoxing , Shangyu in Jinhua, Wencheng and Li'ao in Wenzhou to develop the colorful holiday practice activities for children, focusing on academic guidance, family companionship, quality development, self-care education, ideological guidance, psychological guidance and so on.

The volunteers said that it was not only an honor but more a responsibility for college students to provide their help to accompany those children in the community, which has enhanced and enchanted themselves a lot while sharing their love for those kids.      

                                      (Translator: Zheng Yang)