People's Daily (APP): Big News: Comprehensive Competitive Index Release for Scientific Research on Transition from Independent Colleges to Universities

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ICAUR recently released the "Comprehensive Competitive Index for Scientific Research on Transition from Independent Colleges to Universities". WZBC, Wuhan Donghu University, and Wuchang University of Technology are in the top three.

Experts of domestic higher education research and the presidents of some application-oriented undergraduate colleges are the advisers in "ICAUR". The doctoral student of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the vice-president of Wuxi Taihu University Jin Cheng, Ph.D. student of Institute of Education of Xiamen University Que Mingkun, ,and professor at Suzhou Universit Wang Yitao, served as chief experts of the research group. The research group is devoted to the evaluation and research of newly-built (applied) undergraduate colleges and universities in China, and promoted the development of local newly-built (applied) colleges and universities in China.


"Transition from Independent Colleges to Universities" refers to an independent college transfers into a general undergraduate applied university. As of November 2019, 69 independent colleges in China have transferred into 68 undergraduate colleges and universities (two independent colleges have transferred into one private college). These 68 undergraduate colleges include 67 private undergraduate colleges and one public undergraduate college. Xinjiang Institute of Technology becomes a public undergraduate college, and the other undergraduate colleges that transferred from other independent colleges are all private undergraduate colleges. On December 5, 2019, the Ministry of Education issued a "Public Notice on the Approval of the Establishment of Undergraduate Higher Education Institutions", and three independent colleges are planned to be transferred into three public undergraduate universities.

The research team evaluates the scientific research situation of transition from four dimensions: papers, topics, awards, and invention patents. The research team set up 12 specific measurement indicators: three English retrieval papers (SCI, SSCI, A & HI), CSSCI papers, CSCD papers, National Social Science Foundation Projects, National Natural Science Foundation Projects, Humanities and Social Sciences Projects of the Ministry of Education, National Natural Science Award, National Technology Invention Award, National Science and Technology Progress Award, University Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement Award (Science and Technology), University Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement Award (Humanities and Social Sciences), authorized invention patents. The weights of papers, topics, awards, and invention patents are 50%, 25%, 10%, and 15%, respectively. The data sources of various statistical indicators come from authoritative official websites or databases. After the linear index calculation and the nonlinear index calculation, the comprehensive competition index is obtained. The top 20 is shown in Table 2 below. Since the transition of three independent colleges, including the City College of Zhejiang University, is on the publicity, the  three colleges and universities are not included in the following table below.


The project’s chief expert Jin Cheng said that independent colleges are an important part of China’s undergraduate education. Independent colleges meet the diverse higher education needs of the people and make historic contributions to the realization of higher education popularization as soon as possible. The expert of the project, Wang Yitao, pointed out that in the development of independent colleges, there have been many problems, such as distinguishing the school name from the parent university, the unsatisfactory system and mechanism, the unclear ownership of property rights, the irregular financial management, and the unfair competition with independent private universities. Que Mingkun, the chief expert of the project, pointed out that the "Measures for the Establishment and Management of Independent Colleges" (  Ministry of Education Decree No. 26) issued in 2008 and its drafting instructions stipulated that "If it meets the setting standards of ordinary undergraduate higher education institutions, it can apply for the transition to a private higher education institution. ". China supports the independent college" turn fast and appropriately ".Promoting the independent college’s transition according to laws and regulations is a major strategic adjustment of the development of independent colleges in China, and is also the basic development direction of independent colleges in the future. The number of transferred colleges and universities will further increase, becoming an important force in China's applied undergraduate higher education.

In recent years, a number of application-oriented undergraduate colleges transferred from independent colleges have developed rapidly in the country. For example, City College of Wenzhou University transferred into Wenzhou Business School in 2016. Fifteen scientific research institutions, The National Financial and Development Laboratory Wenzhou Research Base, Wenzhou Township College, Wenzhou "Two Health" Research Institute, "Belt and Road" Wenshang Research Center, Wenzhou New Finance Research Institute, etc. have made breakthroughs in scientific research. In 2018, National Social Science Fund's key project "Macro-control Theory Innovation Research" was approved," Southern Opera "Pipa Ji" Multidimensional English Communication and its Enlightenment of the spread of Chinese Culture "won the National Social Science Foundation Art Project, and" Research on the Risk Evaluation and Early Warning Mechanism of Transnational Supply Chain Cooperation under the Blockchain "was awarded as Natural Science Fund General Project.

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