Zhejiang Education News: WZBC Cultivate Financial Talents Through College-Enterprise Cooperation

author:胡金林source:金融貿易學院Time:2019-12-31 08:40:00

Recently, the School of Finance and Trade of WZBC and Yun Jin Education have jointly built a "Youthful Investor Association".

According to the agreement, the two sides plan to send excellent teachers to each other in the next 3 years, invest funds and venues to support the development of professional clubs in schools, and jointly cultivate young financial investment talents. Chen Gong, the dean of the School of Finance and Trade, introduced the college-enterprise cooperation focused on building a community to train financial professionals through the way of theoretical learning combined with simulation operations with the help of professional consulting companies. So, the two sides will launch a monthly financial salon forum, and invite investors in the financial industry of Wenzhou to interact with teachers of the School of Finance and Trade to discuss the latest hot topics in the development of the financial industry to enlighten students. It is worth mentioning that the partner Yunjin Education is a registered undergraduate entrepreneurship project initiated by the school's students. Since the project was launched in May this year, it has received an angel investment of 2 million yuan.