Kan Wenzhou App: 239 Graduates of WZBC Were Admitted as Postgraduates by Well-known Foreign Universities

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WZBC held the student graduation ceremony on June 16, 2019. Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd sent blessings to 2,092 graduates in 2019 and awarded study abroad scholarship”with a total value of 1 million yuan to representatives of students who is going to study abroad.. This scholarship will be provided by WZBC and will be awarded to graduates who will go on the further study as postgraduates at well-known foreign universities.

Kevin Rudd is an old friend of teachers and students of WZBC. He has successively participated in the graduation ceremony in 2017 and 2018. The college left a deep impression on him. He gave the handwriting "Wenzhou Business college is really good " as a present.

Kevin Rudd said that he understood the meaning of the school motto "forge ahead and keep pace with the times". "I believe that you all have dreams, but in reality, it is not easy. First of all, your ambition will be constantly challenged. Sometimes, it will be unbearable for you.  'enforcement' is also important There is an old saying in China: Easier said than done. How to turn 'ambition' into 'action' is very important. "

Kevin Rudd encourages students to have firm beliefs and sustainable actions to succeed. "Facing these difficult challenges in the new era requires new knowledge, new thoughts, and the ability to understand new problems, all of which require you to 'compete with the times.'"

Li Yang, President of Wenzhou Business College, addressed the students: "Do ’t forget the school motto, keep up with innovation; don’t forget the true quality, keep life-long learning; don’t forget your dreams, keep cooperation. We should learn new scientific and technological knowledge, and actively participate in applying them to change the world. As college students in the new era, we must fight for the country, for the family, and for ourselves. "

Wenzhou Business College is the only business undergraduate college in southern Zhejiang. It takes business as the orientation of education and builds a discipline and professional system that focuses on economics, management, and coordinated development of engineering, literature, and arts. It has 5 undergraduate majors and 5 junior college majors.

In 2016, the City College of Wenzhou University transferred into an independent undergraduate college and renamed Wenzhou Business College. Since the establishment, WZBC has been successfully selected as an application-oriented pilot undergraduate college in Zhejiang Province. It has built the first VBSE innovation and entrepreneurship management decision-making laboratory in China has won the honorary title of "National Crowd Creation Space". The master's degree is awarded to the project construction unit. It is awarded to organize the National Social Science Fund and the National Natural Science Fund Major Projects every year. It also established the "National Finance and Development Laboratory (Wenzhou Research Base)", the Wenzhou "Two Forms of Health" Research Institute, Cordial and Clean Government-Business Relationship Course and other scientific research service platforms. In the past two years, the students of WZBC have won dozens of national and provincial entrepreneurship competition awards and more than 300 discipline competition awards above the provincial level.

WZBC has also cooperated with more than 30 well-known overseas universities, such as the University of Melbourne, the University of Sydney, Durham University, to provide"4 + 1", "3 + 1 + 1", and "2 + 2" Undergraduate-postgraduate international classes. Students can closely connect to world-renowned universities to continue their studies. According to statistics, 248 graduates of WZBC were accepted by well-known universities at home and abroad as postgraduates, such as the University of Edinburgh, Durham University, Manchester University, Australian National University, and Zhejiang Normal University. Among them, 239 students were accepted by the foreign universities. As of June 16, the employment rate of this year’s graduates of the school has reached 86%, and high-quality employment has improved significantly. For example, the school has a total of 178 graduates in finance, and the proportion of admission to state-owned banks has reached 55%.

What's more, the School of Media and Design Arts, jointly established by Wenzhou Business College and Wenzhou Daily Newspaper Group, had 366 graduates this year. Among them, over 10% of 161 graduates in communication majors were admitted to master's degree students at home and abroad, such as the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom, the University of Sydney in Australia, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University of Communication, Ningbo Nottingham University, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics. 4 students were pre-admitted by China's Western Program and Zhejiang Province University Volunteer Program for Zhejiang's Underdeveloped Areas. 4 students were admitted to civil servants and institutions, and a large number of students were hired by professional design companies and well-known enterprises.


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