A List of Academic Monographs in Wenzhou Business College  (2017-2020)


Name of works




Date of Publication

1Dream   and Disillusion: Research on a Journalist Named Chen Shewo  Huang ZhihuiChina   Social Sciences PressA2017.03.01
2Research   on Investment Exchange and Industrial Layout in zhejiang and Taiwan under the   Deep Economic Integration——Based on the View of New Economic GeographyWang ZhanaoEconomic   Science PressA2017.05.01
3Research   on Managers' Overconfidence, Earnings Management and Economic ConsequencesZhang FangfangEconomic   Science PressA2017.12.01
4Corporate   Income Tax Reform, Capital Structure Adjustment and Economic ConsequencesChen XidingEconomic   Science PressA2017.12.01
5Research   on the Structure, Characteristics and Performance of Chinese Clam Value ChainZhang ShijunUESTC   PressA2018.06.05
6Research   on the Evolution and Impact of Internet Social Network on Modern Families and   Marriage EthicsMa YongqiangUnity   PressB2018.06.30
7Theoretical   and Empirical Research on Earnings Management of Real Activities of Chinese   Listed CompaniesChen   XidingEconomic   Science PressA2018.09.01
8Application   Research of Big Data Mining and Analysis in Financial FieldKuang FangjunHarbin   Institute of Technology PressB2018.12.21
9Research   on the Cultivation Mode of Compound Applied Talents in Colleges and   UniversitiesXie JianEconomic   Science PressA2019.03.01
10A   study of Qian Zhongshu on His Translation Theory and ArtYang QuanhongCommercial   PressA2019.05.05
11Research   on Teaching Management Innovation and Practice in Undergraduate CollegesChen XiaoqianChina   Commerce and Trade PressB2019.06.01