As the only business college in southern Zhejiang, WZBC has explored a lot in serving Wenzhou’s local economic and social development. Under the guidance of United Front Work Department of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee, WZBC established Wenzhou “Two Health” Institute and Wenzhou “Two Health” Research Base. Wenzhou takes the lead in launching “Two Health” pilot areas in the new era. “Two Health”, that is, the healthy development of the non-public ownership economy and the healthy growth of people in the non-public ownership economy. Wenzhou publicizes and implements ten measures, and strives to improve the business environment to reach the domestic leading level through 3 years’ efforts. 

On October 18, 2018, the “Two Health” forum that held in Wenzhou was host by United Front Work Department of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, and China Private Economy Research Association. United Front Work Department of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce and WZBC undertook this forum. During this forum, Wenzhou “Two Health” Research Bases were established and settled in our college. Zhou Xiangzhe , secretary of the party committee of WZBC, and Xie Jian, Executive Vice President, attended the meeting.

Wenzhou “Two Health” Research Institute was founded by WZBC. It aims to figure out the new situation and problems in the development of the private economy, and explore the innovative thoughts and ways in “Two Health” of private economy from the theory and policy. Wenzhou “Two Health” Institute focuses on creating “domestic first-class entrepreneurial and innovative business environment” in Wenzhou and cultivating “the entrepreneurial spirit that leads the trend of the new era”. It also makes great effort to doing researches to dig out obstacles to the innovation of private economy, then provides some methods to promote “Two Health” of the private economy.

Wenzhou “Two Health” Institute plans to release the Research Report on Wenzhou Private Economy’s “Two Health” every year, hold “China (Wenzhou) Private Economy Two Health Forum” every year and “Two Health” Academic Salon from time to time. In addition, it will carry out idea exchanges on private enterprise development strategy and management, and organize corporate diagnostic consulting and professional training in the future.