Deepening the integration of industry and education and college-enterprise cooperation is important to achieve the connotative development of higher education. Strengthening college-enterprise cooperation can enable the two parties to support each other, involve each other, two-way interaction, leverage of complementary advantages, as well as resource and benefit sharing, which can enhance the quality of talent training. Wenzhou Business College has always attached importance to school-enterprise cooperation. In the past exploration and practice, it has formed cooperation modes such as co-construction of industrial colleges, co-construction of on-campus training centers, and off-campus practice bases, and has achieved fruitful results.

1. Co-construction of industrial colleges

Wenzhou Business College and Wenzhou Daily Media Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly build the School of Communication. The two sides leveraged their respective advantages to further advance the reform of journalism and communication teaching in the context of convergence media, innovate the training mechanism for talents and improve the quality of talent cultivation. The aim is to promote seamless integration and collaborative education between industry and college, explore the path for the cultivation of outstanding journalism talents in the era of convergence media, and better serve the CPC Party Committee and municipal government of Wenzhou, and help the city to “create new advantages of reform and opening up for a new chapter of high-quality development”. The two sides jointly carry out academic research, build brand courses, establish a practice base, and build a “dual expertise” team to enhance the capacity of theoretical research and application of journalism and communication talents in Wenzhou . On the basis of the existing majors of communication and advertising, the School of Communication has opened majors in network and new media, and established majors related to the trend of the cultural industry to train versatile talents. Wenzhou Daily Media Group selects the backbone of the business with a title of deputy senior or higher to serve as part-time teachers in the School of Communication, and provides on-the-job training and internships for the teachers and students.

2. Co-construction of on-campus training centers

Wenzhou Business Collegeand Xindao Technology jointly established Xindao VBSE Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management Decision Training Center--“WZBC Dream Factory”. WZBC Dream Factory is the nation’s first undergraduate entrepreneurship simulation platform and the core practice base for innovation and entrepreneurship education in Wenzhou Business College. It focuses on the simulation of entrepreneurship education from 1 to X. It is to cultivate college students’ entrepreneurial competence and conduct entrepreneurship and decision-making training. The center covers an area of 1,300 square meters and has 13 laboratories. It is divided into functional areas such as trade center, manufacturing center, entrepreneurial financial service center, government administration service center, and roadshow center. It can accommodate 200 students for training together. At the Dream Factory, a 72-class hour compulsory course named by VBSE Innovation and Entrepreneurship Decision-making is opened to students of all majors in the college. It is a bridge linking the basic course of entrepreneurship with the practice of business startup so as to improve students’ awareness, decision thinking and practical skills.

3. Co-construction of off-campus practice bases

The college actively expands school-enterprise cooperation and work together in talent training. The teachers can go to companies and serve as part-time trainers or work on other posts; the students learn and practice in “enterprise classrooms”; and employees of companies can work part-time or receive training in the college. Through those forms of cooperation, the college has built long term bases for teaching and practice to promote knowledge sharing, idea exchanges and innovation. The cooperation has enlarged the roles played by the teaching and research staff, improved the practical and innovative abilities of teachers and students, while at the same time enhancing the understanding and cognition of basic theory and cutting-edge technical knowledge of company employees, thus promoting innovation. At present, more than 70 well-run practice bases have been established, offering cooperative training programs such as futures order classes, SPDB classes, Alibaba special classes, and Lucheng Rural Commercial Bank order classes.