The Institute for Close and Clean Government-Business Relationship was established under the instructions of municipal leadership, to fully implement the guiding principles of General Secretary Xi Jinping on building close and clean government-business relationship, to further promote the construction of “Two Zones” (“Two Health” pilot zone in the new era and the national independent innovation demonstration zone), and to boost quality development of private economy. By founding such an institution, Wenzhou is taking the lead in offering a platform for government officials and business leaders to study and grow together. Hopefully Wenzhou will always be the birthplace and haven for successful entrepreneurs.

The Institute for Close and Clean Government-Business Relationship was built under the umbrella of multiple municipal department and bureaus. The programs will be co-hosted by Wenzhou Business College and Wenzhou Party School. The purpose is to offer a platform for entrepreneurs and government officials to exchange views while studying together. The institute is a key part of Wenzhou Private Economic Education. It aims to find an effective way for the joint study, mutual trust and common development of government officials and business leaders, thus making Wenzhou a benchmark city and model highland for building a new type of government-business relationship.

As a main host of the programs, Wenzhou Business College has launched many workshops since the inception of the institute on March 4 2019, such as the workshop on the development of private enterprises in transition. These courses and seminars have been well received by the public and widely covered by major news agencies such as People’s Daily and Xinhua News Agency.