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Wenzhou Business College is the only undergraduate business college in southern Zhejiang and northern Fujian, and is located in Wenzhou, which is the birthplace of the Yongjia School and the pioneer of China’s private economy. It is located in the south of Dailuo Mountain and in the north of Sanyang Wetland, only half an hour's drive from the airport and the train station. The campus has a beautiful environment and first-class facilities, which had attracted the crew of the CCTV drama The Three Families of Wenzhou to shoot scenes.

WZBC was originally founded in 1999 as the School of Information Science and Engineering and the School of Economics of Wenzhou University, and was merged in 2005 to be an independent college—Wenzhou University City College. The famous mathematician and CAS academician Gu Chaohao wrote the name of the college, and famous astrophysicist and CAS academician Sun Yisui served as the honorary president. In 2016, approved by the Ministry of Education, it successfully transferred from an independent college to the first full-time private general undergraduate university in Zhejiang Province and renamed as Wenzhou Business College. Professor Li Yang, a member of the Academic Department of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Chairman of the National Finance and Development Laboratory and former Vice President of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, served as the President. WZBC was approved to be included in the construction of master’s degree granting project in Zhejiang Province, and won the title of advanced collective of promoting the high-quality development of Wenzhou and 4A grade safe campus in Zhejiang Province.

WZBC gives full play to the advantages of the private mechanism of “lean, efficient, flexible and pragmatic”, insists on the development of connotation, characteristic development, innovative development and safe development, takes the inheritance and promotion of the Wenzhou spirit of “daring to be the first and particularly entrepreneurial” as its responsibility, and continues to pragmatism of the Yongjia school, uphold the spirit of “forging ahead and competing with the times”, and practice the philosophy of “growing up to be a man and becoming a man of work”.  It is trying to cultivate high-quality applied talents with international vision and modern business spirit, and become a high-level local applied university with Wenzhou characteristics. From 2019 to 2022, WZBC was ranked first at the list of top private universities in China and in the order of choice of universities in the Wushulian ranking for four consecutive years.

The college consists of School of Finance and Trade, School of Management, School of International Studies, School of Media and Design Arts and School of Information Engineering, With 21 undergraduate majors and 10 junior college student majors and more than 15,000 students, it forms a professional cluster with applied economics and business administration as the mainstay and computer science and technology, journalism and communication and design as the coordinating development.

WZBC insists on serving the local community and closely connects with the economic and social development needs of Wenzhou, and has built research institutions, such as Wenzhou Research Base of National Finance and Development Laboratory, “Two Health” Research Institute and Wenzhou Research Center of One Belt One Road. In 2019, it was ranked the first in the country in the “Comprehensive Competition Index of Scientific Research of Independent Colleges and Universities”. The results of the project have been approved by the central, provincial and municipal leaders for many times, among which Research on the Construction and Application of Financial Risk Index in Chinese Regions was awarded a major project by the National Social Science Foundation, and Research on the Innovation of Macro-control Theory was awarded a key project by the National Social Science Foundation. The “Healthy Growth Evaluation Index for Private Entrepreneurs” developed by the “Two Health” Research Institute has become a local standard in Zhejiang Province. The collge also has the first national Institute for Close and Clean Government-Business Relationship, Wenzhou Rural College, Daluoshan Cadre Education and Training Center and other talent training bases, training various talents for departments and industries inside and outside the province, which has a high influence in the society.

The collge fully implements the Party’s education policy, conscientiously implements the fundamental task of establishing moral education, strives to build the brand of “the best service university for students”, provides the most suitable education according to students’ needs and personal aspirations, implements independent choice of majors, courses, teachers, dormitories and learning process, and creates good conditions for students to grow and become successful. It is aimed to create good conditions for students to grow up and become successful, so that they can have opportunities to go to school, earn a living, and be brilliant, and lay a good foundation for having a rich and happy life in the future. In the evaluation of student satisfaction in Zhejiang Province colleges and universities conducted by, our college ranked the top among 107 colleges and universities in the province and the first among private undergraduate colleges and universities. Rooted in the unique Wenzhou entrepreneurial land, the college has always insisted on building the characteristics of entrepreneurship education, running entrepreneurship education through the whole process of talent training, continuously deepening the exploration and reform of entrepreneurship education mode, taking the lead in establishing the entrepreneurial business decision-making simulation laboratory WZBC Dream Factory, launching the practical training course of V-created business decision-making, and creating the entrepreneurial management undergraduate major. By creating a real business environment and a real practice platform for entrepreneurship, the college truly realizes the unity of teaching and practicing and cultivate students’ entrepreneurial consciousness and ability. It has been hailed by China Education Television and other medias as the model of entrepreneurship education for college students, attracting more and more students who are interested in entrepreneurship.

WZBC is committed to international cooperation, broaden the channels in overseas studies, and launch the “Elite Program” project based on the characteristics of the students to achieve the dream to study abroad. More than 2,000 students have gone to more than 100 world’s leading colleges and universities through the “Elite Class”. In 2019, the official test center of IELTS examinations in southern Zhejiang province was established in the college.

The college insists on the strategy of “Talents Strengthen College”. In 2021, it is the first one in China to inject hundreds of millions of dollars to provide commercial supplemental pension insurance for staff members, which continuously improves their sense of well-being and access. Now, the whole university staff and students are making great efforts to help Wenzhou to build a model of common wealth demonstration area in the city, striving to become a benchmark private university of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and contributing more strength to build an important window and common wealth demonstration area in Zhejiang.

(Updated: April 2022)