What does the logo symbolize?

Humanistic Pragmatism and Sense of Responsibility

1.The lower part of the logo represents the shape of a ship, which denotes that WZBC shall uphold the principle of humanistic pragmatism of Yongjia School and take on the responsibility to brave the winds and the waves.

2. Foster virtue through education. The upper part of the logo is the Chinese character “立”, which means establish or foster, denoting that the philosophy of WZBC’s education is: to ordain conscience for Heaven and Earth, to secure life and fortune for the people, to continue lost teachings for past sages and to establish peace for all future generations. 

3. Prevail with business. The logo is primarily composed of another Chinese character “商”, which is the main feature of WZBC. At the bottom of the logo is the shape of waves which is also the English letter “W”, the initial letter of Wenzhou. The combination symbolizes the spirit of Wenzhou businessmen who dare to be the first in doing business around the world. 

4. Forge ahead with determination. The lower part of the logo is shaped like a book opened, which is pressed against by the character “商” ending in the form of a pen point. It stands for reading books for knowledge and forge ahead with determination.

5. Integrity and responsibility. The character “商” is stroked like a shied, a symbol of honesty, integrity and responsibility.