WZBC adheres to the socialist educational orientation and fully implements the national education policy. It insists the education concept of "Do meaningful things and become successful talents ", and cultivating high-quality applied talents. WZBC proposes a “knowledge + capacity + quality” inter-disciplinary applied talent training model (MQPT talent training model). Based on MQPT, three major platforms, which are the basic education platform for improving quality, core education platform for professional teaching, and auxiliary education platform for improving capacity, play a very important role in education. The college is also equipped with complete teaching infrastructural facilities and a full range of professional laboratories.

1. College Scale

At present, there are 8355 full-time students in WZBC, including 7603 undergraduates and 752 junior college students.

2. Major

WZBC sets and adjusts majors in accordance with the needs of local economic and social development, and organizes a general layout in which disciplines support each other and develop coordinately. The disciplines are dominated by economics and management, and supplemented by engineering, literature, and arts. There are currently 23 majors for undergraduates and 5 majors for junior college students. Among them, there are 4 undergraduate majors in economics and 8 in management. The number of students in these two disciplines accounts for 79% of the total.

3. Faculty

WZBC attaches great importance to building the strong team of the teaching staff. Our college implements the strategy of “strengthening the college through talents”, and has issued a series of policy documents for building the team of the teaching staff. Wenzhou Municipal Government has supported it through many ways, such as establishing the management of self-controlled revenue and expenditure for staffing of government affiliated institutions .

There are 476 full-time teachers in WZBC, and the student-teacher ratio is 17.55: 1. Among them, there are 296 full-time teachers have Master's degrees, accounting for 62%; 46 full professors, 122 associate senior professional technicians, and 35.3% senior professional technicians. There are 50 teachers with "double certificates", accounting for 11% of the total. The number of part-time teachers is 64, and its ratio to full-time teachers is 1: 7.4.

Each public compulsory course and each professional basic compulsory course are taught by more than 2 full-time teachers with associate senior professional technical titles. Each professional compulsory course is taught by more than one full-time teacher with associate senior professional technical titles. Each major is taught by more than one full-time teacher with senior professional technical titles.

4. Teaching and Research

WZBC clearly focuses on constructing and developing the first-level disciplines, such as Applied Economics and Business Management. Our college has built 11 scientific research institutions relying on regional social and economic development. During the past three years, they have undertaken more than 90 scientific research projects, including 3 national projects and 22 provincial and ministerial projects. They also have published more than 300 academic papers and obtained 55 patents.

Our college attaches great importance to the education and teaching reform to improve the quality of teaching. It has undertaken 11 provincial education reform projects, 90 other projects, and published 73 academic papers about the education reform and research, and published 38 textbooks. Besides, it has built Moodle network interactive teaching and learning platform, 19 excellent courses, including 1 national-level, 4 provincial-level, and 10 municipal-level excellent courses.

In the past three years, teachers in WZBC have won eight provincial-level teaching awards, including the first prize of Zhejiang Young Teacher Teaching Design Competition, the first prize of Zhejiang Young Teacher Teaching Skill Competition, and the first prize of Zhejiang Micro-lecture towards Undergraduates Competition.

The one-time passing rate of the National English Test for College English Majors from 2012 to 2014 averaged 75.97%, which is higher than the national average passing rate (57.01%) and the average passing rate of independent colleges (35.95%).

In the past three years, students have won a total of 276 extra-curricular academic science and technology awards at the national, provincial and ministerial levels, including 56 national awards, such as 3 first prizes in the National College Student English Contest and 1 first prize in the National iBizSim Contest, 1 first prize of the National Software and Information Technology Talent Contest and so on.

5. Experimental Training Base

WZBC has 5 experimental teaching centers in Economic Management, Information Engineering, Art Design, English and Basic Course Teaching with a total of 64 laboratories. The Economic Management and Information Engineering Experimental Teaching Centers are provincial-level qualified experimental teaching centers. The Economic Management Experimental Teaching Center has been recommended as the Demonstration Center for Practical Teaching in Colleges and Universities in Wenzhou. The laboratories cover an area of 6,600 square meters in the college. Various experimental and practical courses are well taught with the help of them. The opening rate of the experimental course is 100%, and the number of students who study the course is more than 700,000.

WZBC has 72 steady internship bases outside the campus. At the same time, it has built the in-depth cooperation with related companies and industries to set up 18 college-enterprise practical classes, such as “Futures Order Class”, “SPDB Class” and “Alibaba Class”.